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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-May-1984Environmental monitoring plan : Kahaualea Geothermal ProjectHouck, James E.
Jan-1989Environmental monitoring plans and programs : geothermal exploration activities : Kilauea Middle East Rift Zone, Estate of James Campbell Property TMK 1-2-10:3True/Mid-Pacific Geothermal Venture
Jan-1989Environmental Monitoring Plans and Programs Geothermal Exploration Activities-
1981Environmental overview program for alternate energy development : final reportSiegel, S.M.; Siegel, B.Z.
Environmental permits branch-
Environmental regulations for geothermal development in HawaiiParnell, Jacqueline A.
1-Mar-1995Environmental resources of selected areas of Hawaii: Ecological resourcesTrettin, C.C..; Tolbert, V.R..; Jones, A.T..; Smith, C.R..; Kalmijn, A.J.
14-Dec-1995Environmental response : True Geothermal Energy Company drill site of geothermal well KA1-1, Puna, HawaiiBrewer Environmental Services
Mar-1989Environmental Review 500 MW Geothermal Development for Puna District, Island of Hawaii-
12-Dec-1988Environmental review, 500 MW geothermal development : preliminary draft : technical description and environmental settingMCM Planning
1989Environmental review: 500 MW geothermal development within the three geothermal resource subzones of the Kilauea East Rift Zone, Puna District, Island of HawaiiMCM Planning
15-Dec-1995Environmental site assessment report : True Geothermal Energy Company drill site of geothermal well KA-1, Puna, HawaiiBrewer Environmental Services
1994EPA Correspondence-
14-May-1996EPA Site Evaluation of PGU-
1981Evaluation of major dike-impounded ground-water reservoirs, island of OahuTakasaki, Kiyoshi J.
Evidence of geothermal potential in KahaualeaNiimi, Gerald
Jan-1985Evolution of the HGP-A power plantShupe, John W.
May-1989Exhibits (Responses) to the Request for Proposal for the Geothermal/Inter-Island Transmission Project-
1992An experiment to prove the concept of the downhole coaxial heat exchanger (DCHE) in HawaiiMorita, Koji; Bollmeier, Warren S.; Mizogami, Husanobu
13-Dec-1991Experimental Design for Soil Gas Radon MonitoringThomas, D.M.; Cotter, J.M.; Holford, D.