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Title: Aspects of the Natural History of the Midwater Fish Lycodapus mandibularis (Zoarcidae) in Monterey Bay, California
Authors: Anderson, M Eric
Issue Date: Apr-1980
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Anderson ME. 1980. Aspects of the natural history of the midwater fish Lycodapus mandibularis (Zoarcidae) in Monterey Bay, California. Pac Sci 34(2): 181-194.
Abstract: Aspects of the biology of the mesopelagic fish Lycodapus mandibularis
are considered, primarily on the basis of closing midwater trawl samples
from Monterey Bay, California. Major population centers focus in eastern
North Pacific submarine canyons and deep-water inlets. The species undergoes
a diel vertical migration, but not all individuals may participate in each
period. Ripe individuals were found year-round and spawning is nonseasonal,
probably occurring in midwater. Age estimates from otoliths showed the
greatest proportion of the population sampled was of age classes III and IV,
the ages at onset of maturity. The oldest individuals found were 5 years old,
but estimates from the oldest fish may be biased. Feeding during the day was
chiefly in surface waters, but night or day feeding in deep water may have
occurred. Food items of young fish were different from those of adults but
both fed heavily on planktonic crustaceans. Fish in California waters were
parasitized by the nematode Thynnascaris aduncum and to a lesser degree by
the copepod Cardiodectes medusaeus.
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science Volume 34, Number 2, 1980

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