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Title: A Remnant Greensword Population from Pu'u 'Alaea, Maui, with Characteristics of Argyroxiphium virescens (Asteraceae)
Authors: Carr, Gerald D.
Medeiros, Arthur C.
Issue Date: Jan-1998
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Carr GD, Medeiros AC. 1998. A remnant greensword population from Pu'u 'Alaea, Maui, with characteristics of Argyroxiphium virescens (Asteraceae). Pac Sci 52(1): 61-68.
Abstract: Two unusual greenswords occurring on Pu'u 'Alaea in 1989 reportedly
possessed vegetative features characteristic of the presumed extirpated
species Argyroxiphium virescens Hillebr. One of these Pu'u 'Alaea plants
flowered in August 1989, allowing detailed comparisons with preserved specimens
of A. virescens as well as other species and hybrids of Argyroxiphium
native to East Maui. These comparisons suggest that the unusual Pu'u 'Alaea
greenswords represent remnants of hybridization between the now presumably
extinct A. virescens and the more common Haleaka silversword, A. sandwicense
subsp. macrocephalum (A. Gray) Meyrat, that still occurs at and adjacent
to this site. The estimated pollen fertility of 62% in the Pu'u 'Alaea plant is
consistent with this interpretation. Recovery of a few embryos from fruits of the
plant that flowered in 1989 and the possibility of tissue culture of the remaining
living plant at Pu'u 'Alaea apparently represent the last opportunities to conserve
any vestige of A. virescens.
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science Volume 52, Number 1, 1998
Carr, Gerald D.

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