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Title: A New Siphonostome Family (Copepoda) Associated with a Vestimentiferan in Deep Water off California
Authors: Humes, Arthur G.
Dojiri, Masahiro
Issue Date: Jan-1980
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Humes AG, Dojiri M. 1980. A new siphonostome family (Copepoda) associated with a vestimentiferan in deep water off California. Pac Sci 34(2): 143-151.
Abstract: Dirivultus dentaneus, n. gen., n. sp. (Dirivultidae n. fam.) is
characterized by a combination of several features: first antenna of the female
13-segmented and that of the male 12-segmented, second antenna with a
1-segmented exopod, mandible lacking a palp, second maxilla and maxilliped
prehensile, leg 4 endopod with formula 0-0; I-1, and leg 5 in the female minute
with 1 seta but in male larger with 3 setae, 2 setae on free segment and 1 adjacent
seta. This is the first copepod to be described from Vestimentifera in the
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science Volume 34, Number 2, 1980

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