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Vegetative Anatomy of the Hawaiian Species of Santalum (Santalaceae)

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Title: Vegetative Anatomy of the Hawaiian Species of Santalum (Santalaceae)
Authors: Stemmermann, Lani
Issue Date: Jan 1980
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Stemmermann L. 1980. Vegetative anatomy of the Hawaiian species of Santalum (Santalaceae). Pac Sci 34(1): 55-75.
Abstract: Wood and foliar anatomy of the Hawaiian representatives of
the genus Santalum are described. No consistent differences in wood anatomy
between taxa were found; however, significant anatomical differences in foliar
anatomy were observed. Characteristics of leaf anatomy that are of taxonomic
value are the bottle-shaped adaxial epidermal cells of S. haleakalae, the
papillate nature of the abaxial leaf surface in several taxa, and the presence of
adaxial as well as abaxial stomata in S. ellipticum.
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science Volume 34, Number 1, 1980

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