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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1981Aspects of Modernization in Bougainville, Papua New GuineaOliver, Douglas
1975Bibliographies of the Kermadec Islands, Niue, Swains Island and the Tokelau IslandsCoppell, William G.
1975The Bougainville Taro BlightPackard, Jerry C.
1974Chapters on Hawaii and the Marianas in V.M. Golovnin's Voyage Around the WorldWiswell, Ella
1973Considerations on the Rights of Spain over the Caroline IslandsBieber, Patricia
1986Guide to Films about the Pacific IslandsHamnett, Judith D.
1987History of the Pacific Islands Studies Program at the University of Hawaii: 1950-1986Quigg, Agnes
1980Institutional Sources of Stress in Pacific RegionalismHerr, Richard A.
1998Island Towns: Managing Urbanization in MicronesiaConnell, John; Lea, John P.
1990Lost in the Weeds: Theme and Variation in Pohnpei Political MythologyPetersen, Glenn
1988Ni‘ihau: A Brief HistoryStepien, Edward R.
1986The Organization of Development Planning in the South PacificDubsky, Roman
1994Pacific Islands Dissertations and Theses from the University of Hawai‘i, 1923–1990, with 1991–1993 SupplementFuruhashi, Lynette
1996Pacific Islands Dissertations and Theses from the University of Hawai‘i, 1923–1996Furuhashi, Lynette
1974Pacific Islands Workshop for College Librarians in Hawaii, April 1974Mason, Leonard
1974Pacific Islands Workshop for Secondary School Librarians and Social Studies Teachers in Hawaii, June 13–14, 1974Mason, Leonard
1983Pacific Power Maps: An Analysis of the Constitutions of Pacific Island PolitiesLevine, Stephen
1974Pacific-related Audiovisual Materials for Secondary SchoolsTurnbull, Phyllis
1974Preliminary Bibliography of Hawaiian Language Materials at the University of Hawaii, Manoa CampusMorris, Nancy Jane; Young, Verna H.F.; Kahapea, Kehau; Yamanaka, Velda
1974Russian Writings on the South PacificPolansky, Patricia