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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1973Considerations on the Rights of Spain over the Caroline IslandsBieber, Patricia
1974Pacific Islands Workshop for Secondary School Librarians and Social Studies Teachers in Hawaii, June 13–14, 1974Mason, Leonard
1974Pacific-related Audiovisual Materials for Secondary SchoolsTurnbull, Phyllis
1974Chapters on Hawaii and the Marianas in V.M. Golovnin's Voyage Around the WorldWiswell, Ella
1974Pacific Islands Workshop for College Librarians in Hawaii, April 1974Mason, Leonard
1974Russian Writings on the South PacificPolansky, Patricia
1974Preliminary Bibliography of Hawaiian Language Materials at the University of Hawaii, Manoa CampusMorris, Nancy Jane; Young, Verna H.F.; Kahapea, Kehau; Yamanaka, Velda
1975Bibliographies of the Kermadec Islands, Niue, Swains Island and the Tokelau IslandsCoppell, William G.
1975The Bougainville Taro BlightPackard, Jerry C.
1977The Samoan Archives: An Annotated List of the Archival Material of the Various Governments of Western Samoa from the Middle of the Nineteenth Century to the First Quarter of the Twentieth CenturyFristoe, Ashby J.
1977A World Catalogue of Theses and Dissertations Concerning the Education of the Peoples of the Pacific Islands (Including the New Zealand Maori)Coppell, William G.
1978The Use of Nearshore Marine Life as a Food Resource by American SamoansHill, Harry Burnette
1979A Status Study of Commercial Cinema in the Pacific IslandsTakeuchi, Floyd K.
1979Urbanization in the Pacific: A Tentative StudyShuster, Donald R.
1980Institutional Sources of Stress in Pacific RegionalismHerr, Richard A.
1981Aspects of Modernization in Bougainville, Papua New GuineaOliver, Douglas
1983Pacific Power Maps: An Analysis of the Constitutions of Pacific Island PolitiesLevine, Stephen
1983Tourism in the Pacific: A BibliographyFarrell, Bryan H.; Ross, D. Reid; Evans, L. Baird; Weertz, D.
1984Traditional Leadership in the Constitution of the Marshall IslandsLynch, C.J.
1985The Solomon Islands: An Experiment in DecentralizationPremdas, Ralph R.; Steeves, Jeffrey S.