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Title: Introduction to Twitter: An Instructional Design Module 
Author: Spencer, Matthew
Date: 2010-04-20
Publisher: 15th Annual TCC Online Conference
Citation: Spencer, M. (2010, April 20). Introduction to Twitter: An Instructional Design Module. Powerpoint presented at the 15th Annual TCC Online Conference.
Abstract: This project sought to implement an instructional module that can serve as an orientation for new users of Twitter. The module covers important aspects of Twitter such as explaining what Twitter is, how Twitter works, how users can get started using it, and tips beginners should know. The module was created as an interactive PDF so that users would be engaged by animations similar to those in Powerpoint presentations, be able to answer questions that mimicked Flash, and easily distributed across multiple computers. The module was tested by participants and its effectiveness evaluated in a survey completed by participants after they finished the module. At the heart of the project was the thought that having a better understanding of Twitter before using it would help new users with adoption.
Rights: Please see the Creative Commons license for this item.
Keywords: instructional design, twitter

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Literature Review MattSpencer_LitReview.pdf 99.58Kb PDF View/Open
Project overview & summary MattSpencer_MastersPaper.pdf 155.8Kb PDF View/Open
TCC Powerpoint Presentation MattSpencer_Presentation.ppt 1.608Mb Microsoft PowerPoint View/Open
Project Proposal MattSpencer_Proposal.pdf 142.0Kb PDF View/Open
Project module Twitter_Intro_Guide.pdf 3.922Mb PDF View/Open

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