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Title: An Instructional Video Module on Spreadsheets Accommodating the Needs of Senior Citizens 
Author: Uechi, Nicki
Date: 2010-04-22
Publisher: Technology, Colleges, and Community Worldwide Online Conference
Citation: Uechi, N. (2010, April 22). An Instructional Video Module on Spreadsheets Accommodating the Needs of Senior Citizens. PowerPoint presented at the 15th Annual Technology, Colleges, and Community Worldwide Online Conference.
Abstract: An increasing number of senior citizens are motivated to learn how to use computers to make everyday tasks more effective and efficient. However, due to changes that occur with aging, they require specific accommodations to satisfy their learning deficits and needs. Much computer instruction is provided for the younger generation, but the older generation also deserves fair opportunities to reap the benefits of technology. Video has the potential to successfully transfer step-by-step instructions for completing computer-based tasks through visual, audio, and interactive capabilities. Therefore, the purpose of this instructional design study was to develop a video module for creating a basic table and chart using Google Docs spreadsheets, a valuable tool for managing data. The video module's effectiveness on supporting senior citizen understanding and learning of the steps was evaluated. The subjects were 12 senior citizens, 55-years and older, with no experience using spreadsheets. Data collection tools included pre- and post-tests, and attitudinal and demographic surveys. Results suggest that the video module integrating specific accommodations for older adult learners was effective in delivering instruction.
Description: Master’s candidates in the Educational Technology program at the University of Hawaii are required to conduct a Plan B project upon graduation. My focus was to create an instructional video module with specific accommodations for senior citizen learners. The featured content was an introductory lesson on spreadsheets. The module's effectiveness in promoting understanding of the information to older learners was evaluated.
Rights: Please see the Creative Commons license for this item.
Keywords: senior citizens, older adults, computers, learning, videos, accommodations, module, instruction, spreadsheets

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Master's Proposal Uechi_Proposal.pdf 231.9Kb PDF View/Open
Master's Paper Uechi_TCC.pdf 297.7Kb PDF View/Open
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