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1951The Hawaiian Entomological Society, A Community AssetPemberton, C.E.
195114:2 Proceedings - PHES-
1951An Improved Method of Rearing Field-Collected Fruit Fly LarvaeNewell, I.M.; Van Den Bosch, R.; Haramoto, F.H.
1951The Seed Corn Maggot, Hylemyia cilicrura (Rondani), from the Silversword Plant (Diptera: Anthomyiidae)Swezey, O.H.
1951Tinea despecta Meyrick, a hitherto unrecorded Case-moth in Hawaii (Lepidoptera: Tineidae)Swezey, O.H.
1951A New Species of Embioptera from OceaniaRoss, E.S.
1951Heteroptera of the Marshall IslandsUsinger, R.L.
1951Some Elaterid Beetles from New GuineaVan Zwaluwenburg, R.H.
1951Additional Notes on the Bees of the Solomon Islands (Hymenoptera: Apoidea)Krombein, K.V.
1951The Introduction of Toxorhynchites brevipalpis Theobald into the Territory of HawaiiBonnet, D.D.; Hu, S.M.K.
1951Review of the Indo-Australasian Parasites of the Fruit Flies (Tephritidae)Fullaway, D.T.
1951Opius oophilus Fullaway, an Egg-Larval Parasite of the Oriental Fruit Fly Discovered in HawaiiVan Den Bosch, R.; Haramoto, F.H.
1951Studies in Pacific Bibionidae (Diptera) Part II: Genus Philia MeigenHardy, D.E.
1951Notes on the Buchanan White Types of Hawaiian HeteropteraZimmerman, E.C.
195114:2 Table of Contents - PHES-
1951Recent Liberations of Beneficial Insects in HawaiiWeber, P.W.
1951Notes on Natural Enemies of Tephritid FliesClancy, D.W.; Marucci, P.E.; Van Den Bosch, R.
1951A New Species of Trybliographa (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae)Weld, L.H.
1951A New Protaulacistis from Kauai (Lepidoptera: Pyraustinae)Zimmerman, E.C.
1951New Insect Records for the Year 1950-