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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1946Host Records of Philaenus spumarius (Linn.) at Kilauea, Hawaii National Park (Homoptera: Cercopidae)Davis, C.J.; Mitchell, A.L.
1946The Identity and Host Plants of Blossom Midge in Hawaii (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae: Contarinia)Jensen, D.D.
1946A New Apanteles from Hawaii (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)Musesebeck, C.F.W.
1946New Insect Records for the Year 1945-
1946New Species of Hawaiian LepidopteraSwezey, O.H.
1946A New Species of Lepidosaphes Attacking Dendrobium Orchids in Hawaii and California (Homoptera: Coccoidea: Diaspididae)McKenzie, H.L.
1946New Usingerius from the Philippines and Borneo (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)Zimmerman, E.C.
1946Notes and Descriptions of Ceratocombus (Hemiptera: Cryptostemmatidae)Usinger, R.L.
1946The Occurrence of Trypanosoma conorhini Donovan in the Reduviid Bug, Triatoma rubrofasciata (Degeer) from Oahu, T.H.Wood, S.F.
1946On the Species of Araecerus Schoenherr, 1823, Known from the Hawaiian Islands (Coleoptera: Anthribidae)Jordan, H.E.K.
1946Psychoda pseudalternata n. sp. (Diptera: Psychodidae)Williams, F.X.
1946A Remarkable New Pseudopsectra from Maui (Neuroptera: Hermerobiidae)Zimmerman, E.C.
1946Revised Constitution-
1946Some New Species of Cerambycidae from the Islandof Hawaii (Coleoptera)Swezey, O.H.
1946Stigmatomma (Fulakora) zwaluwenburgi, a New Species of Ponerine Ant from HawaiiWilliams, F.X.
1946Synonymic Notes on Argyroploce illepida (Butler) and A. carpohaga (Walsingham) (Lepidoptera: Eucosmidae)Swezey, O.H.; Zimmerman, E.C.
1946The Synonymy and Distribution of Trichocorixa reticulata (Guerin-Meneville) Hemiptera: CorixidaeSailer, R.I.
1946Two New Species of Astatinae, with Notes on the Habits of the Group (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae)Williams, F.X.
1946Virus Diseases of Plants and Their Insect Vectors with Special Reference to hawaiiJensen, D.D.