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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1974ReviewsMorgenstein, Maury; Townsend, Alex; Jettmar, Karl; Kim, Won-yong; Lee, Peter H.; Young, L.M.; Lovelace, George W.; Ma, Cheng-ruey; Mammitzsch, Ulrich; Wang, Gung-wu; Watson, James L.; Lewis, Henry T.; Scheans, Daniel J.; Pietrusewsky, Michael; Hutterer, Karl; Schuyler, Robert L.; Solheim, Wilhelm G. II; Tuggle, H David; Luomala, Katharine; Riley, Thomas J.; Shutler, Richard Jr.; Jennings, Jesse D.; Gould, Richard A.; Mulvaney, D.J.; Griffin, P. Bion
1990Lapita-Associated Skeletons from Watom Island, Papua New Guinea, and the Origins of the PolynesiansPietrusewsky, Michael
1968Review of Excavations at Lapakahi, North Kohala, Hawaii Island, 1968, by Richard J. Pearson; Arts of China: Neolithic Cultures to the T'ang Dynasty, Recent Discoveries, by Terukazu Akiyama, Kosei Ando, Saburo Matsubara, Takashi Okazaki, Takeshi Sekino, Mary Tregear (trans.); Growth of a Prehistoric Time Scale: Based on Organic Evolution, by William B. N. Berry; The Old Stone Age, by Francois Bordes, J.E. Anderson (trans.); The Archaeology of North Kona, Section I: Archaeological Surface Survey, by Francis Ching, Jr. and Paul Rosendahl; The Archaeology of North Kohala, A Progress Report on Archaeological Research, by T. Stell Newman; Indianized States of Southeast Asia, by G. Coedes, Walter F. Vella (ed.), Susan Brown Cowing (trans.); Archaeologia Viva No. I, by Jean de Moreuil (ed.); Ancient China: From the Beginning to the Empire, by Jacques Gernet, Raymond Rudorff (trans.); Archaeology in Western Samoa, by R.C. Green and Janet M. Davidson (eds.); Ancient India--A History of its Culture and Civilization, by D.D. Kosambi; Catalogue of the Archaeological Collection in the Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University, Part 2 (Historical Period of Japan); Bekoropoka: Quelques Aspects de la Vie Familiale et Sociale d'un Village Malgache (Bekoropoka: Some Aspects of Family and Social Life of a Malagsy Village), by Henri Lavondes; Man the Hunter, by Richard B. Lee and Irven DeVore (eds.); Hou Chia Chuang [The Yin-Shang cemetery site at Anyang, Honan], by Li Chi (ed.); HPKM, Vol II, Part I: Liang Ssu-yung (ed.); HPKM, Vol III, Liang Ssu-yung (ed.); Australian Archaeology, A Guide to Field Techniques, by D.J. Mulvaney (ed.); Cranial and Postcranial Skeletal Remains from Easter Island, by Rupert I. Murrill; The Preliminary Archaeology of Hale Akala, The Royal Bungalow, by Michael D. Seelye; Historic Preservation: 1968 Report, by the State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of State Parks; The Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary, by Edward Tregear.Ambrose, W.; Ma, Cheng-ruey; Durden, Christopher J.; Serizawa, Chosuke; Ferson, Edwin N.; Ikuta, Shigeru; Bunko, Toyo; Pearson, Richard; Lamber-Karlovsky, C.C.; Hsu, Cho-yun; Bellwood, Peter; Sharma, J.P.; Ottino, Paul; Rutherford, J.; Stephen, Barbara; Jennings, Jesse; Pietrusewsky, Michael; Kikuchi, William K.; Bayard, Donn T.
1975The Palaeodemography of a Prehistoric Thai Population: Non Nok ThaPietrusewsky, Michael
2004Review of State Formation in Korea: Historical and Archaeological Perspectives, by Gina L. Barnes; The Prehistory of Buka: A Stepping Stone Island in the Northern Solomons, by Stephen Wickler; Histories of Old Ages: Essays in Honour of Rhys Jones, by Atholl Anderson, Ian Lilley and Sue O'Connor (eds.); On the Margins of Sustainability, Prehistoric Settlement of Utrok Atoll, Northern Marshall Islands, by Marshall I. Weisler; Ban Chiang, A Prehistoric Village Site in Northeast Thailand I: The Human Skeletal Remains, by Michael Pietrusewsky and Michele Toomay Douglas; Southeast Asian Archaeology 1998. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists, by Wibke Lobo and Stefanie Reimann (eds.); Pacific 2000: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific, by Christopher M. Stevenson, Georgia Lee, and F. J. Morin (eds.); An Archaeological History of Japan, 30,000 B.C. to A.D. 700, by Koji Mizoguchi; Craft Production and Social Change in Northern China, by Anne P. Underhill; Genetic, Linguistic, and Archaeological Perspectives on Human Diversity in Southeast Asia, by Li Jin, Mark Seielstad, and Chunjie Xiao (eds.); Subsistence-Settlement Systems and Intersite Variability in the Moroiso Phase of the Early Jomon Period of Japan, by Habu Junko.Pak, Yangjin; Holdaway, Simon; O'Connell, James; Hunter-Anderson, Rosalind L.; Oxenham, Marc; Miksic, John N.; Weisler, Marshall I.; Hudson, Mark J.; Barnes, Gina L.; Pietrusewsky, Michael; Ken'ichi, Kobayashi
1990Review of Aboriginal Pathways in Southeast Queensland and the Richmond River, by J. G. Steele; Archaeology in the Tonaachaw Historic District, Moen Island, by Thomas F. King and Patricia L. Parker; Prehistoric Investigations in Northeastern Thailand, by Charles Higham and Amphan Kijngam; Metric and Non-metric Cranial Variation in Australian Aboriginal Populations Compared with Populations from the Pacific and Asia; Rassengeschichte der Menschheit 10. Lieferung. Asien III: Ostasien, by Ilse Schwidetzky (ed.); Site Surveys and Significance Assessment in Australian Archaeology, by Sharon Sullivan and Sandra Bowdler (eds.); Prehistoric Indonesia: A Reader, by Pieter van de Velde (ed.); Bronze Vessels from Israel and Jordan, by Lilly Gershuny; Harappa-zeitliche Metallgefasse in Pakistan und Nordwest-indien, by Paul Yule; A New Introduction to Classical Chinese, by Raymond Dawson; Ancestors: The Hard Evidence, by Eric Delson (ed.); The Agta of Northeastern Luzon--Recent Studies, by P. Bion Griffin and Agnes Estioko-Griffin (eds.); Maritime Trade and State Development in Early Southeast Asia, by Kenneth R. Hall; Feathered Gods and Fishhooks--An Introduction to Hawaiian Archaeology and Prehistory, by Patrick V. Kirch; Out of Asia, by Robert Kirk and Emoke Szathmary (eds.); The Indonesian City: Studies in Urban Development and Planning, by Peter J. M. Nas (ed.); Archaeological Geology, by George Rapp Jr and John A. Gifford; Encyclopaedia of Indian Culture, Volume III (L-Q), by R. N. Saletore; European Vision and the South Pacific, by Bernard Smith; The Archaeology of Fuga Moro Island--New Approaches for the Isolation and Explanation of Diagnostic Ceramic Assemblages in Northern Luzon, Philippines, by Bryan E. Snow and Richard Shutler Jr; Palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic Archaeology in the People's Republic of China, by Rukang Wu and John W. Olsen (eds.).Spriggs, Matthew; Cordy, Ross; Bayard, Donn; Richards, L.C.; Pietrusewsky, Michael; Bronson, Bennet; Marschall, Wolfgang; Sargent, Stuart H.; Endicott, Kirk; Laarhoven, Ruurdje; Green, R.C.; Wheatley, Paul; Price-Beggerly, Patricia; Huntington, Susan L.; Thiel, Barbara
2001Intensification of Agriculture at Ban Chiang: Is There Evidence from the Skeletons?Pietrusewsky, Michael; Douglas, Michele Toomay
1985Review of Archaeology in Hong Kong, by William Meacham; The Pa Mong Archaeological Survey Program 1973-75, by Donn Thomas Bayard; Cultural Heritage of Sarawak, by Lucas Chin; Tikopia: The Prehistory and Ecology of a Polynesian Outlier, by Patrick Vinton Kirch and D. E. Yen; Rassengeschichte der Menschheit 8, Lieferung, Asien I: Japan, Indonesien, Ozeanien, by Ilse Schwidetzky (ed.)Solheim, Wilhelm G. II; Welch, David J.; Goodenough, Ward H.; Pietrusewsky, Michael
1989Review of Coast and Estuary: Archaeological Investigations on the North Coast of New South Wales at Wombah and Schnapper Point, by Isabel McBryde; Archaeological Ceramics, by Jacqueline S. Olin and Alan D. Franklin; Vietnamese Ceramics, by Carol M. Young, Marie-France Dupoizat, and Elizabeth W. Lane (eds.); West Kalimantan: A Bibliography, by Jan Ave, Victor King, and Joke de Wit; The Origins of Chinese Civilization, by David N. Keightley (ed.); Nagara and Commandery: Origins of the Southeast Asian Urban Traditions, by Paul Wheatley; Southeast Asian Archaeology at the XV Pacific Science Congress: The Origins of Agriculture, Metallurgy, and the State in Mainland Southeast Asia, by Donn Bayard (ed.); Hunter Hill, Hunter Island: Archaeological Investigations of a Prehistoric Tasmanian Site, by Sandra Bowdler; Paleopathology at the Origins of Agriculture, by Mark N. Cohen and George J. Armelagos (eds.); The People of South Asia: The Biological Anthropology of India, Pakistan, and Nepal, by John R. Luckas (ed.); The Origins of Modern Humans, A World Survey of the Fossil Evidence, by F. H. Smith and F. Spencer (eds.); Multivariate Statistical Methods in Physical Anthropology, A Review of Recent Advances and Current Developments, by G. N. van Vark and W. W. Howells (eds.); Between Plateau and Plain: Flexible Responses to Varies Environments in Southwestern Australia, by June Anderson.Hall, H.J.; Wright, Rita P.; Hutterer, Karl L.; Sutlive, Vinson H Jr.; Goodrich, David W.; Wisseman Christie, Jan; Glover, I.C.; Gould, Richard A.; Pietrusewsky, Michael
1997Some Memories of Sood SangvichienPietrusewsky, Michael