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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1968Archaeological Investigations in Eastern TaiwanPearson, Richard
1968Review of Excavations at Lapakahi, North Kohala, Hawaii Island, 1968, by Richard J. Pearson; Arts of China: Neolithic Cultures to the T'ang Dynasty, Recent Discoveries, by Terukazu Akiyama, Kosei Ando, Saburo Matsubara, Takashi Okazaki, Takeshi Sekino, Mary Tregear (trans.); Growth of a Prehistoric Time Scale: Based on Organic Evolution, by William B. N. Berry; The Old Stone Age, by Francois Bordes, J.E. Anderson (trans.); The Archaeology of North Kona, Section I: Archaeological Surface Survey, by Francis Ching, Jr. and Paul Rosendahl; The Archaeology of North Kohala, A Progress Report on Archaeological Research, by T. Stell Newman; Indianized States of Southeast Asia, by G. Coedes, Walter F. Vella (ed.), Susan Brown Cowing (trans.); Archaeologia Viva No. I, by Jean de Moreuil (ed.); Ancient China: From the Beginning to the Empire, by Jacques Gernet, Raymond Rudorff (trans.); Archaeology in Western Samoa, by R.C. Green and Janet M. Davidson (eds.); Ancient India--A History of its Culture and Civilization, by D.D. Kosambi; Catalogue of the Archaeological Collection in the Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University, Part 2 (Historical Period of Japan); Bekoropoka: Quelques Aspects de la Vie Familiale et Sociale d'un Village Malgache (Bekoropoka: Some Aspects of Family and Social Life of a Malagsy Village), by Henri Lavondes; Man the Hunter, by Richard B. Lee and Irven DeVore (eds.); Hou Chia Chuang [The Yin-Shang cemetery site at Anyang, Honan], by Li Chi (ed.); HPKM, Vol II, Part I: Liang Ssu-yung (ed.); HPKM, Vol III, Liang Ssu-yung (ed.); Australian Archaeology, A Guide to Field Techniques, by D.J. Mulvaney (ed.); Cranial and Postcranial Skeletal Remains from Easter Island, by Rupert I. Murrill; The Preliminary Archaeology of Hale Akala, The Royal Bungalow, by Michael D. Seelye; Historic Preservation: 1968 Report, by the State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of State Parks; The Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary, by Edward Tregear.Ambrose, W.; Ma, Cheng-ruey; Durden, Christopher J.; Serizawa, Chosuke; Ferson, Edwin N.; Ikuta, Shigeru; Bunko, Toyo; Pearson, Richard; Lamber-Karlovsky, C.C.; Hsu, Cho-yun; Bellwood, Peter; Sharma, J.P.; Ottino, Paul; Rutherford, J.; Stephen, Barbara; Jennings, Jesse; Pietrusewsky, Michael; Kikuchi, William K.; Bayard, Donn T.
1975Prehistoric Subsistence and Economy in Korea: An Initial SketchPearson, Richard
1966Review of Land Behind Baghdad, by Robert McAdams; Ornamented Bark-Cloth in Indonesia, by S. Kooijman; Most Ancient Egypt, by William C. Hayes; 'Miscellaneous Papers on Early Hindu and Buddhist Settlement in Northern Malaya and Southern Thailand,' by Alastair Lamb; Chalcolithic Chandoli, by Shantaram Bhalchandra Deo and Zainuddin Dawood Ansari; Chandi Bukit Batu Pahat: A Report on the Excavation of an Ancient Temple in Kedah, by Alastair Lamb; Taloha, I.; The Ceramic Wares of Siam, by C.N. Spinks; Life in Leyte Village, by Ethel Nurge; The Japanese People: Origins of the People and the Language, by Isao Komatsu; Indian Prehistory: 1964, by V.N. Misra and M.S. Mate (eds.); La Culture du Fu-nan, L'Archeologie du Delta du Mekong, III and Le Cisbassac, L'Archeologie du Delta du Mekong, IV, by Louis Malleret; Archaeologia: Tresors des Ages.Lamberg-Karlovsky, C.C.; Harrisson, Tom; Trigger, Bruce G.; Pearson, Richard; Fairservis, Walter A.; Solheim, Wilhelm G. II; Davis, William G.
1967Regional ReportsChard, Chester S.; Kim, Won-yong; Pearson, Richard; Im, Hyo-Jai; Lu, Cheng-Ruey; Deraniyagala, P.E.P.; Verin, Pierre Michel; Harrisson, Tom; Chapman, Peter S.; Sinoto, Yosihiko; Shutler, Richard Jr.; Trotter, Michael M.; McCarthy, Frederick D.
1967Review of Hawaiian Archaeology: Trails, From Steppingstones to Kerbstones, by Russell A Apple; The Iron Age in India, by N R Banerjee; Pervobytnoe proshloe V'etnama [The Primitive Past of Vietnam], by P. I. Boriskovskii; New Light on Prehistoric China, by Cheng Te-kun; The Study of Shifting Cultivation, by Harold C Conklin; Symposium on Historical, Archaeological, and Linguistic Studies on Southern China, South-East Asia, and the Hong Kong Region, by F. S. Drake (ed.); Archaeology and Physical Anthropology in Oceania, Vol I, No. 1, by A. P. Elkin (ed.); True Stories of the Island of Lanai, by Lawrence K. Gay; Prehistoric Research in Northwestern Punjab. Anthropological Research in Chitral, by Paolo Graziosi; Sarawak Museum Journal Special Monograph No. 1: Borneo Writing and Related Matters, by Tom Harrisson (ed.); A Lost Civilization, The Mongols Rediscovered, by Walter Heissig; A Historical Atlas of China, by A. Herrmann; Japan before Buddhism, by J. E. Kidder; A Jar Coffin Cemetery at Shinch'angri, South-western Korea, by Won-yong Kim; Table of Prehistoric Sites and Remains in Korea, by Won-yong Kim; Excavation of the Deposit Layers at P'ung-napri, Seoul, by Won-yong Kim; Southeast Asian Tribes, Minorities, and Nations, by Peter Kunstadter (ed.); Kinship and Economic Organization in Rural Japan, Monographs on Social Anthropology, No. 32, London School of Economics, by Chie Nakane; Altere und Mittlere Steinzeit: Jager-und Sammlerkulturen, by I. Karl J. Narr (ed.); The Archaeology of the Palau Islands, An Intensive Survey, by Douglas Osborne; Ancient China, by Edward H. Schafer; Studies in Prehistory, by D. Sen and A. K. Ghosh (eds.); Versuch einer Stilanalyse der Aufhangehaken vom Mittleren Sepik in Neu-Guinea, by Reimar Schefold; New Guinea: The Last Unknown, by Gavin Souter; Ts'ao Yin and the K'ang hsi Emperor: Bondservant and Master, by Jonathan D. Spence; The Cranium and Maxillary Dentition of Austrapithecus (Zinjanthropus) Boisei, by P. V. Tobias.Newman, T Stell; Lamberg-Karlovsky, C.C.; Chard, Chester S.; Chang, Kwang-chih; Yen, D.E.; Pearson, Richard; Movius, Hallam L.; Gill, S.; Krader, Lawrence; Davis, William G.; Dewey, Alice G.; Sorensen, Per; Reinman, Fred M.; Treistman, Judith; Fairserves, Walter; Solheim, Wilhelm G. II; Cook, Edwin A.; Miyasaki, Ichisada; Steigmann, A T Jr.
1978Japan, Korea, and China: The Problem of Defining ContinuitiesPearson, Richard
1973The RyukyusPearson, Richard
1994Review of Anahulu: The Anthropology of History in the Kingdom of Hawaii, Volume 1: Historical Ethnography, by Marshall Sahlins; Anahulu: The Anthropology of History in the Kingdom of Hawaii, Volume 2: The Archaeology of History, by Patrick V. Kirch; Archaeology of the Lapita Cultural Complex: A Critical Review, by Patrick V. Kirch and Terry L. Hunt (ed.); Semelai Culture and Resin Technology, Memoirs of the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, Volume 22, by Rosemary Gianno; Disciplines Croisees: Hommage a Bernard Philippe Groslier, by Georges Condominas; The Excavation of Khok Phanom Di, a Prehistoric Site in Central Thailand, Volume I: The Excavation, Chronology and Human Burials, by C. F. W. Higham and R. Bannanurag; The Evolution and Dispersal of Modern Humans in Asia, by T. Akazawa. K. Aoki, and T. Kimura (eds.); Archaeology of the P'eng-Hu Islands, by Tsang Cheng-hwa; New Perspectives on the Art of Ceramics in China, by George Kuwayama (ed.); Pacific Northeast Asia in Prehistory: Hunter-Fishers, Farmers, and Sociopolitical Elites, by C. Melvin Aikens and S. N. Rhee (eds.)Tobin, Jeffrey; Ladefoged, Thegn; Intoh, Michiko; Longacre, William A.; Miksic, John N.; Solheim, Wilhelm G. II; Douglas, Michele Toomay; Ho, Chuimei; Pearson, Richard
1992The Nature of Japanese ArchaeologyPearson, Richard