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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Radiocarbon Dates and Technological Change in Salt Production at the Site of Zhongba in the Three Gorges, ChinaFlad, Rowan K.; Xiaohong, Wu (吳小紅); Von Falkenhausen, Lothar; Shuicheng, L.I. (李水城); Zhibin, Sun (孫智彬); Chen, Pochan (陳伯楨)
2009Ceramic Production in Shang Societies of AnyangStoltzman, James B.; Jing, Zhichun; Tang, Jigen; Rapp, George (Ripp)
1964Regional ReportsSolheim, Wilhelm G. II; Chard, Chester S.; Kim, Won-yong; Kaneko, Erika; Chang, Kwang-chih; Lal, B.B.; Verin, Pierre; Harrisson, Barbara; Wilkes, Owen; McCarthy, Frederick D.
2004Home Range Size in Middle Pleistocene China and Human Dispersal Patterns in Eastern and Central AsiaKeates, Susan G.
1957Regional ReportsChard, Chester S.; Hewes, Gordon W.; Kidder, J Edward Jr.; Solheim, William G. II; Hackenberg, Robert A.; Smith, Allan H.; Emory, Kenneth P.; Bell, Robert E.; Shutler, Dick Jr.; Pilling, Arnold
2007Korean Contributions to Agriculture, Technology, and State Formation in Japan: Archaeology and History of an Epochal Thousand Years, 400 B.C. - A.D. 600Rhee, Song-Nai; Aikens, C. Melvin; Choi, Sung-Rak; Ro, Hyuk-Jin
2003"The Products of Minds as Well as of Hands": Production of Prestige Goods in the Neolithic and Early State Periods of ChinaLiu, Li
2002Building the Chronology of Early Chinese HistoryLee, Yun Kuen
1992New Dates for Prehistoric Asian RiceBellwood, P.; Gillespie, R.; Thompson, G.B.; Vogel, J.S.; Ardika, I.W.; Datan, Ipoi
1994Interaction and Social Complexity in Lingnan during the First Millenium B.C.Allard, Francis