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Title: Food Habits, Functional Digestive Morphology, and Assimilation Efficiency of the Rabbitfish Siganus spinus (Pisces, Siganidae) on Guam 
Author: Bryan, Patrick G.
Date: 1975-07
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Bryan PG. 1975. Food habits, functional digestive morphology, and assimilation efficiency of the rabbitfish Siganus spinus (Pisces, Siganidae) on Guam. Pac Sci 29(3): 269-277.
Abstract: Analyses of stomach contents of Siganus spinus showed that algal
availability and size and behavior characteristics of the fish determine what kinds
of algae are ingested in the field. Sixty-two algal species were tested during multiple choice
food preference trials in the laboratory. Elimination trials and observation
tests showed a ranked order of algal preference: (1) Enteromorpha compressa, (2)
Murrqyella periclados, (3) Chondria repens, (4) Boodlea composita, (5) Cladophoropsis
membranacea, (6) Acanthophora spicifera, and (7) Centroceras clavulatum. An: examination
of the morphology of the digestive system showed that the fish are well adapted
herbivores, especially toward the filamentous algae. The assimilation values
for the adults ranged from 6 to 39 percent; those for the juveniles ranged from 9 to
60 percent.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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