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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
195616:2 Proceedings - PHES-
1956An Annotated Checklist of Parasites and Predators Introduced into Guam during the Years 1950-1955Peterson, G.D. Jr.
1956Austromyia neglecta Hardy, a New Synonym of Neotoxura discoidalis (Bezzi) (Diptera: Pyrogotidae), with a Discussion of Some Family RelationshipsHardy, D.E.
1956Checklist of the Hymenoptera of FijiFullaway, D.T.
1956Chrysomelidae of Samoa (Coleoptera)Gressitt, J.L.
1956Cryptophlebia illepida (Butler) (Lepidoptera: Eucosmidae) and Other Insect Pests of the Macadamia Nut in HawaiiNamba, R.
1956Eine neue Tenebrioniden-Art von Oahu (Coleoptera)Kulzer, H.
1956Food Plants, Distribution, and Variation in Abundance of Conotelus mexicanus Murray, a Recently Discovered Immigrant Insect in Hawaii (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae)Nishida, T.
1956The Genus Pedronia Green in Hawaii, with Descriptions of New Species (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae)Beardsley, J.W.
1956A New Genus and Species of Oribatei (Acari) Exhibiting External Sexual DimorphismNewell, I.M.
1956New Insect Records for the Year 1956-
1956A New Species of Conicera (Diptera: Phoridae) from Hawaii, with Observations on the Genera Parafannia Bohart and Gymnoptera LioyColyer, C.N.
1956Notes on Marine Water Striders of the Hawaiian Islands (Hemiptera: Gerridae)Usinger, R.L.; Herring, J.L.
1956On the Mode of Dissemination of the Two-Spotted Spider Mite, Tetranychus telarius (L.) (Acarina: Tetranychidae)Boyle, W.W.
1956Philip Wadsworth Weber 1918-1957-
1956Recent Additions to the List of Insects which Attack Crops and Other Important Plants in GuamPeterson, G.D. Jr.
1956Recent Introductions for Biological Control in Hawaii–IIWeber, P.W.
1956Trionymus rostellum Lobdell in Hawaii (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae)Beardsley, J.W.
1956Two Species of Diaspidade New to the Hawaiian Fauna (Homoptera: Coccoidea)Ferris, G.F.