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21-Dec-649892009 Open Access Week: Panel Discussion on Open Access IssuesAune, Kelly; Rehg, Ken; Wright, Mark; Aune, Christina; Ostrander, Gary; McClatchey, Will
3-Jun-2010Open Access and Changes in Scholarly CommunicationLynch, Clifford
11-Aug-20102009 Open Access Week: Copyright and Author RightsConway, Danielle M.
26-Aug-2010Making the Transition from Text to Data RepositoriesSchwarzwalder, Robert
28-Nov-2012OA Policy FAQUHM Scholarly Communication Committee
28-Nov-2012Open Access PolicyUHM Scholarly Communication Committee
28-Nov-2012UHM Open Access ResolutionUHM Scholarly Communication Committee
28-Jan-2013Addendum to Publication Agreement-
7-Oct-2014An Introduction to DSpaceTillinghast, Beth
23-Oct-2014Open Access: Advancing Your Research and ScholarshipLee, Sara; Beamer, Jennifer