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Title: Diel, Lunar, and Seasonal Periodicity in the Reproductive Behavior of the Pomacanthid Fish, Centropyge potteri, and Some Other Reef Fishes in Hawaii 
Author: Lobel, Phil S.
Date: 1978-04
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Lobel PS. 1978. Diel, lunar, and seasonal periodicity in the reproductive behavior of the pomacanthid fish, Centropyge potteri, and some other reef fishes in Hawaii. Pac Sci 32(2): 193-207.
Abstract: The reproductive behavior of five Hawaiian coral reef fishes are
described for the first time: an angelfish (Pomacanthidae), three butterflyfishes
(Chaetodon fremblii, C. multicinctus, C. unimaculatus), and a goatfish (Parupeneus
multifasciatus). The angelfish, Centropyge potteri, was examined in
detail. It was determined that every month from December until May it spawns
each evening during the week preceding a full moon. On extensive coral reefs
C. potteri occurs mostly in pairs, whereas on patch reefs a single male may
control access to several females. Thus, males on patch reefs seem to enjoy
greater reproductive success than males on extensive reefs. The advantages
potentially associated with spawning synchronized at dusk between the first
quarter and full moon primarily involve reduced mortality of offspring. The
annual reproductive period, which is shared by several other Hawaiian shore
fishes, is correlated with a semiannual shift in ocean currents that may retain
larvae in the vicinity of the Hawaiian reefs at that time.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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