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Title: Four New Eulimid Gastropods Associated with Shallow-Water Diadematid Echinoids in the Western Pacific
Authors: Ponder, W.F.
Gooding, R.U.
Issue Date: Apr-1978
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Ponder WF, Gooding RU. 1978. Four new eulimid gastropods associated with shallow-sater diadematid echinoids in the western Pacific. Pac Sci 32(2): 157-181.
Abstract: A new genus, Pulicicochlea, and a new subgenus, Pseudoretusa,
have been erected to accommodate Pu. (Pu.) astropyga from the echinoid
Astropyga radiata, Pu. (Pu.)fusca from Diadema setosum, Pu. (Pu.) calamaris
(the type of the genus) from Echinothrix calamaris, and Pu. (Ps.) faba from
E. diadema. The host specificity of these gastropods and their distributions in
relation to those of relevant diadematids are shown and discussed. All are
external parasites; the species of Pulicicochlea s.s. probably feed on the epithelium
of the host's spines and Pu. (Ps.)faba on the host's body fluids. Anatomical
information is given for Pu. calamaris and Pu. (Ps.)faba (the only two examined
alive), and the relationships of Pulicicochlea with other genera in the family
are discussed in this light. It is suggested that the Stiliferidae is not separable
from the Eulimidae.
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science Volume 32, Number 2, 1978

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