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Title: Consumption and Growth Rates of Chaetognaths and Copepods in Subtropical Oceanic Waters 
Author: Newbury, T.K.
Date: 1978-01
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Newbury TK. 1978. Consumption and growth rates of chaetognaths and copepods in subtropical oceanic waters. Pac Sci 32(1): 61-78.
Abstract: The natural rates of food consumption and growth were calculated
for the chaetognath Pterosagitta draco and the copepod Scolecithrix
danae in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii. The chaetognath's consumption rate
was calculated using the observed frequency of food items in the stomachs of
large specimens from summer samples and the digestion times from previous
publications. The natural consumption rate averaged only one copepod per
24 hr, or about 2 percent of the chaetognath's nitrogen weight per 24 hr. The
growth rates of both P. draco and S. danae were calculated with the temporal
patterns of variations in the size compositions of the spring populations. The
natural growth rates averaged only 2 and 4 percent of the body nitrogen per
24 hr for, respectively, small P. draco and the copepodids of S. danae. These
natural rates were low in comparison with published laboratory measurements
of radiocarbon accumulation, nitrogen excretion, and oxygen respiration of
subtropical oceanic zooplankton.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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