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Title: Reproduction Effort in the Nudibranch Phestilla sibogae: Calorimetric Analysis of Food and Eggs
Authors: Haramaty, Liti
Issue Date: Jul-1991
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Haramaty L. 1991. Reproduction effort in the nudibranch Phestilla sibogae: calorimetric analysis of food and eggs. Pac Sci 45(3): 257-262.
Abstract: Phestilla sibogae, a nudibranch living on corals of the genus
Porites, is rarely found on the reef at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, although Porites
compressa is a dominant coral there. This is probably due to massive predation
on juveniles and adults. Such predation pressure would force this species to put
high effort into reproduction. In this work I found that P. sibogae laid eggs
amounting to up to 17% of their body weight each day. Furthermore, based on
a 100% conversion efficiency for ingested coral tissue, 51-78% of the calories
each individual ate daily were channeled into egg production. Photosynthetic
activity of zooxanthellae in the nudibranch's tissue suggests that the algae may
provide some of the energy required by the animal's metabolism.
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science Volume 45, Number 3, 1991

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