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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1971Radiometric ages of selected Hawaiian coralsHammond, Dale Alden
1968Reactions of the cobalt (II)-bipyridine system in basic aqueous solutionConrad, Ronald Carl
1964The reactivity of aromatic amines toward free radicalsYates, Wesley Ross
1960The reactivity of phenols toward free radicalsCaldwell, Robert Grant
1963The reactivity of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons toward styryl radicalsSood, Satya Pal
1967Selected trace elements in Hawaiian lavas by atomic absorption spectrophotometryHerlicska, Edward
1970Solvation of extracted substituted ammonium salts in nitrobenzene-benzene mixturesJones, Richard Evan, Jr.
1965Some constituents of Alyxia olivaeformis GaudDority, Guy Hiram
1993Spectroscopic and chemical properties of isomeric retinals and visual pigment analogsZhu, Yun
1994Spectroscopic and chromatographic investigation of derivatized cyclodextrinsGahm, Kyung-Hyun
Jun-1951The sterols of certain tropical oilsZeitlin, Harry
1980Structural studies on marine toxinsTachibana, Kazuo
1964Structure and properties of spinochrome HChang, Clifford Wah Jun
Dec-2003Structure elucidation of natural products from endophytic fungi and higher plants and total synthesis of microcarpalideRatnayake, Anokha Sayani
1970Studies of gaseous iodine and bromine in the marine atmosphereMoyers, Jarvis L.
1977Studies of substituted hydrocarbon monolayers on platinum by means of auger electron spectroscopy with electrochemical calibrationSchoeffel, James Allan
1969Studies related to palytoxinSheikh, Muhammad Younus
1970A study of complexation reactions by the technique of magnetic titrationGraybill, George Richard
1996A study of the electrochemical phenomena occurring during the corrosion of Armco iron in methanol solutionsBoucher, Dawn R.
1970A study of the phosphorus trihalide - 1, 2-dimethylhydrazine systemHavlicek, Mary Jane Dykstra