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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2010Part I : the synthesis of C3 heteroadamantyl cannabinoids Part II: the synthesis of C3 heteroaroyl cannabinoidsDixon, Darryl David
1990Part I, Aromatic annelation : synthesis of naphthalenes ; Part II, C-glycosyl anthraquinone synthesis : total synthesis of vineomycinone B2 methyl esterGomez Galeno, Jorge E.
1994Part I, Fluorination of organostannanes with xenon difluoride and silver triflate ; Part II, Approach to (-)-11-Nor-[delta]⁹-THC-carboxylic acid and synthesis of cannabinoid analogsKawakami, Joel Kenji
1992Part I, Formation of hydroxyquinones ; Part II, Synthesis of marine cembranoidsCullingham, Jean Margaret
1994Part I, New synthetic approaches to cannabinoids and their analogs ; Part II, Benzoannelation of ketonesKannangara, G.S. Kamali
1995Part I, The stereoselective synthesis of cannabinoids ; Part II, The total synthesis of sarcophytol A and its analogsZou, Xianglong
1994Part I. Spectral studies on bacteriorhodopsin analogs ; Part II. B-lactoglobulin directed photoisomerization of retinal and the related analogsLi, Xiao-yuan
1963Part I: Some chemical constitutents of Morinda citrifolia L. (Noni) ; Part II: The structure of the nitrocamphor anhydridesLevand, Oscar, 1927
1966Part I: The synthesis of a stable nitronic ester: Part II: Thermal isomerization of the nitronic ester to a spiro-oxaziraneYoung, Alvin H.P.
1968A physical interpretation of the He-He interaction by partitioning of the associated density matricesFrystak, Ronald Wayne
1982Polyene photochemistry : solvent controlled state orderingFenstemacher, Roland John
1963Purification and preliminary characterization of a pineapple indoleacetic acid oxidase, a peroxidaseBeaudreau, Charles Arthur
1992Quantum chemical studies of adsorbate-surface interactions : application of cluster models to Al on graphite, slab models to H on Be(0001) and development of a novel embedded cluster modelsSilva, W. Susil J.
1971Radiometric ages of selected Hawaiian coralsHammond, Dale Alden
1968Reactions of the cobalt (II)-bipyridine system in basic aqueous solutionConrad, Ronald Carl
1964The reactivity of aromatic amines toward free radicalsYates, Wesley Ross
1960The reactivity of phenols toward free radicalsCaldwell, Robert Grant
1963The reactivity of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons toward styryl radicalsSood, Satya Pal
1967Selected trace elements in Hawaiian lavas by atomic absorption spectrophotometryHerlicska, Edward
1970Solvation of extracted substituted ammonium salts in nitrobenzene-benzene mixturesJones, Richard Evan, Jr.