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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1971Odoriferous constituents of DictyopterisPettus, John Anthony
1991One, Two, Structure of tubercidin-5'-a-glucopyranoseChen, Jian-Lu
1980Organic constituents of the deep-sea precious corals Gerardia and Corallium spp.Schwartz, Robert Eugene
1979Organouranium chemistry with phosphorus ylidesMaynard, Richard B.
1970Oxidation of arylpropenes by 2,3-dichloro-5,6-dicyanobenzoquinone (DDQ)Lutz, Frank Edward
1966The oxymercuration of allenesWaters, William Lincoln
1990Part I, Aromatic annelation : synthesis of naphthalenes ; Part II, C-glycosyl anthraquinone synthesis : total synthesis of vineomycinone B2 methyl esterGomez Galeno, Jorge E.
1994Part I, Fluorination of organostannanes with xenon difluoride and silver triflate ; Part II, Approach to (-)-11-Nor-[delta]⁹-THC-carboxylic acid and synthesis of cannabinoid analogsKawakami, Joel Kenji
1992Part I, Formation of hydroxyquinones ; Part II, Synthesis of marine cembranoidsCullingham, Jean Margaret
1994Part I, New synthetic approaches to cannabinoids and their analogs ; Part II, Benzoannelation of ketonesKannangara, G.S. Kamali
1995Part I, The stereoselective synthesis of cannabinoids ; Part II, The total synthesis of sarcophytol A and its analogsZou, Xianglong
1994Part I. Spectral studies on bacteriorhodopsin analogs ; Part II. B-lactoglobulin directed photoisomerization of retinal and the related analogsLi, Xiao-yuan
1963Part I: Some chemical constitutents of Morinda citrifolia L. (Noni) ; Part II: The structure of the nitrocamphor anhydridesLevand, Oscar, 1927
1966Part I: The synthesis of a stable nitronic ester: Part II: Thermal isomerization of the nitronic ester to a spiro-oxaziraneYoung, Alvin H.P.
1968A physical interpretation of the He-He interaction by partitioning of the associated density matricesFrystak, Ronald Wayne
1982Polyene photochemistry : solvent controlled state orderingFenstemacher, Roland John
1963Purification and preliminary characterization of a pineapple indoleacetic acid oxidase, a peroxidaseBeaudreau, Charles Arthur
1992Quantum chemical studies of adsorbate-surface interactions : application of cluster models to Al on graphite, slab models to H on Be(0001) and development of a novel embedded cluster modelsSilva, W. Susil J.
1971Radiometric ages of selected Hawaiian coralsHammond, Dale Alden
1968Reactions of the cobalt (II)-bipyridine system in basic aqueous solutionConrad, Ronald Carl