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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977Marine algal chemistryWoolard, Frank
1993Marine natural products chemistry : investigations in marine ecology and structure determinationCorgiat, Jay M.
1967Marine sterolsGupta, Kishan Chandra
1992A mass spectrometric and vibrational spectroscopic investigation of the speciation of water in volcanic glasses and some hydrous mineralsPandya, Naresh
1978A mass spectrometric investigation of the volatile content of deep submarine basaltsGraham, Diana G.
1972Mechanism of cis-trans photoisomerization of conjugated trienesButt, Yondani Chak-Cheung
1969Mechanism of epoxyether hydrolysisPorzio, Michael Anthony
Dec-2012Mechanistic studies of biotin synthase using isotopically-labeled dethiobiotinFugate, Corey
1973Molecular x-ray spectroscopy: the K α x-ray emission spectra of sulfur and chlorine compoundsWhitehead, Henry Collins
May-2014Nazarov cyclization of fully substituted dienones : catalytic diastereospecific and enantioselective construction of vicinal all-carbon atom quaternary stereocentersJolit, Anais
2008Nazarov reaction : Development towards asymmetric cyclopentannelation using chiral auxiliaries and metal catalysisBanaag, April Rose
1980New applications of organometallic reagents in the synthesis of natural productsMaruoka, Keiji
1992New directions in x-ray photoelectron diffraction : adsorbate and semiconductor structures, valence-level and inelastic photoelectron diffraction, and photoelectron holographyHerman, Gregory S.
1977Non-equilibrium fractionation of the stable isotopes of carbon and oxygen during precipitation of calcium carbonate by marine phytoplanktonGoodney, David E.
1975Nontoxic constituents of the marine mollusk Stylocheilus longicaudaRose, Allan F.
1978Nuclear magnetic resonance studies in liquid crystal solventsBalakrishnan, Narayana Swamy
1984Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of rhodopsin analogues derived from fluorinated retinalsZingoni, Jesmael Pasipamire
1971Odoriferous constituents of DictyopterisPettus, John Anthony
1991One, Two, Structure of tubercidin-5'-a-glucopyranoseChen, Jian-Lu
1980Organic constituents of the deep-sea precious corals Gerardia and Corallium spp.Schwartz, Robert Eugene