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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1958Identification studies of a quinyl-coumarate in the pineapple plant.Sutherland, Graham
1972Infrared optical properties of LiF as a function of temperatureKachare, Akaram H.
1968Infrared spectroscopy and coordination chemistryGhosh, Surendra Nath
1990Interfacial behavior and charge transfer reactions at chemically modified electrodesPriyantha, Namal
1965An investigation for alkaloids in Charpentiera obovata GaudPattabhiraman, Tammanur Ramachandra
1963An investigation of a new method for potassiumargon age determinationBarnes, Ira Lynus
1969Investigation of monolayer interactions by wave attenuation and surface pressure studiesAḥmad, Jamīl
Feb-1958Investigations of oxidation-reduction in some silicate systems and its relationship to differentiation and gas contentFujii, Charles
1991Isonitrile biosynthesis in a marine spongeHagadone, Mark R.
1968Isotopic fractionation in Hawaiian volcanic gasesMoore, Larry Joe
1968Kinetics of hydrolysis reactions in water-glycerol mixturesRichards, Charles Norman
1977Marine algal chemistryWoolard, Frank
1993Marine natural products chemistry : investigations in marine ecology and structure determinationCorgiat, Jay M.
1967Marine sterolsGupta, Kishan Chandra
1992A mass spectrometric and vibrational spectroscopic investigation of the speciation of water in volcanic glasses and some hydrous mineralsPandya, Naresh
1978A mass spectrometric investigation of the volatile content of deep submarine basaltsGraham, Diana G.
1972Mechanism of cis-trans photoisomerization of conjugated trienesButt, Yondani Chak-Cheung
1969Mechanism of epoxyether hydrolysisPorzio, Michael Anthony
Dec-2012Mechanistic studies of biotin synthase using isotopically-labeled dethiobiotinFugate, Corey
1973Molecular x-ray spectroscopy: the K α x-ray emission spectra of sulfur and chlorine compoundsWhitehead, Henry Collins