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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1968Cation analysis by thin-layer chromatography and reflectance spectroscopyZaye, David F.
2008Characterization and mechanistic studies of titanium-doped sodium alanateKuba, Meredith T.
1983Chemical ecology of some opisthobranch mollusksOkuda, Roy Kenichi
1938Chemical investigations on the sterols of five tropical oilsWestgate, Mark
1966The chemical nature of the toxic secretions of the boxfish (Ostracion lentiginosus Schneider)Boylan, David Bradley
1961A chemical study of Hawaiian magmatic gasesHeald, Emerson Francis
1967A chemical study of Hawaiian volcanic gasesFinlayson, James Bruce
Jun-1959A chemical study of the bitter principle of pia (Tacca Leontopetaloides (L.) O. Ktze)Swanholm, Carl
1971The compleat mechanism of epoxyether hydrolysisMori, Arthur Laurance
1970Conformational analysis of 2-aryl-3-methylpropyl derivatives by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: The photochemistry of some unsaturated ketonesCarlson, David Arthur
1994Constituents of marine invertebrates : chemical and pharmacological propertiesIchiba, Toshio
1992Construction and characterization of novel amperometric plant tissue-based biosensorsNavaratne, Ayanthi N.
1993Crystallographic study of supersmall and superlattice alkali metal clusters encapsulated in zeolite hostsSun, Tʻao
1969Deamination of 1-amino-4-bromo-7, 7-dimethylbicyclo[2.2.1]heptan-2-ol: A cyclic hydroxamic acid from 1,3-cyclo-hexanedione and β-nitrostyreneOoi, Thean-Chit
1966The determination and distribution of cobalt and nickel in tropical Pacific waterForster, William Owen
1970The determination and distribution of various trace elements in natural waters by x-ray fluorescence spectroscopyArmitage, Donald Bruce
1966The determination of a series of ages of a Hawaiian volcano by the potassium-argon methodFunkhouser, John Gray
1965The determination of amino acids by spectral reflectanceFrei, Roland Walter
1992Development and characterization of novel biosensors utilizing plant tissue materials and intact chemoreceptor structuresWijesuriya, Dayaweera C.
2005Development of PCP pincer complexes as catalysts for organic transformations involving the activation of "unreactive" bondsWang, Zhaohui, 1972