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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Ab initio calculations performed on CO adsorption on the Fe(100) surface and complementing theoretical techniquesMeehan, Timothy Erickson
1970Acceptor strength of co-ordinated boron halidesRonan, Richard Joseph
1966The alkaloids of Lobelia yuccoides HillebrGoldberg, Arthur Samuel
1965The alkaloids of Ochrosia sandwicensis A. GrayJordan, Werner Hans Georg
1962The alkaloids of Platydesma campanulata MannWerny, Frank
1981Allelochemistry of some Hawaiian dorid nudibranchsSchulte, Gary Richard
1954An amino acid analysis of the flower of the Vanda orchid Miss JoaquimMiwa, Thomas Kanji
1977Angular-dependent x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of solidsBaird, Ronald J.
1991Application of a novel multiple-scattering approach to photoelectron diffraction and auger electron diffractionKaduwela, Ajith P.
Dec-2002Biosynthesis of Cyclic Peptides and Depsipeptides in NOSTOC SP ATCC 53789Becker, Julia E.
1992Bis[pentamethyl(cyclopentadienyl)]uranium(IV) complexes of S,S diphenylsulfilimineAriyaratne, Kanahara A.N.S.
1968Cation analysis by thin-layer chromatography and reflectance spectroscopyZaye, David F.
2008Characterization and mechanistic studies of titanium-doped sodium alanateKuba, Meredith T.
2006Characterization of aluminum hydride polymorphs : a potential hydrogen storage material for use with hydrogen fuel cellsBrown, Caleb M.
1983Chemical ecology of some opisthobranch mollusksOkuda, Roy Kenichi
1938Chemical investigations on the sterols of five tropical oilsWestgate, Mark
1966The chemical nature of the toxic secretions of the boxfish (Ostracion lentiginosus Schneider)Boylan, David Bradley
1961A chemical study of Hawaiian magmatic gasesHeald, Emerson Francis
1967A chemical study of Hawaiian volcanic gasesFinlayson, James Bruce
Jun-1959A chemical study of the bitter principle of pia (Tacca Leontopetaloides (L.) O. Ktze)Swanholm, Carl