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Title: Osmotic Relations of Some Plants of the Northern Marshall Islands 
Author: Walker, Richard B.; Gessel, Stanley P.
Date: 1991-01
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Walker RB, Gessel SP. 1991. Osmotic relations of some plants of the northern Marshall Islands. Pac Sci 45(1): 55-62.
Abstract: Osmotic relations of several strand species were investigated by
determining osmotic potentials and sodium contents of leaf samples collected
in the field, by measuring the electrical conductivity of groundwaters and
soil solutions, and by growing seedlings in the greenhouse in culture solutions
with varying levels of added salt. Mean of the field-collected leaves ranged
from - 1.9 to - 3.1 M Pascals, compared with that of seawater at - 2.7 M Pa.
Sodium contents of the leaves were high, commonly being 1 to 3% of the dry
weight. Groundwaters mostly ranged in electrical conductivity from 16 to 50
mmhos/cm (equal to about 0.86 to 2.7 M Pa). In culture solutions, seedlings
of four shrubby species (Cordia subcordata Lam., Guettarda speciosa L., Scaevola
sericea Vahl, and Tournefortia argentea L.f.) and a native variety of squash
(Cucurbita pepo L.) all grew well at solution of -0.28 M Pa, but were
depressed to about 50% yield at -0.42 M Pa . The woody species declined to
about 10-20% yield at - 1.4 M Pa, and grew only a little at - 2.8 M Pa (a
solution equal in to that of seawater).
ISSN: 0030-8870

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