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Title: Resurrection of a Kaua'i Stenogyne: S. kealiae 
Author: Wagner, Warren L.; Weller, Stephen G.
Date: 1991-01
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Wagner WL, Weller SG. 1991. Resurrection of a Kaua'i Stenogyne: S. kealiae. Pac Sci 45(1): 50-54.
Abstract: Recent discovery of a population of plants referable to Stenogyne
kealia e, which was treated as a synonym of the widespread Kaua'i species, S.
purpur ea, has provided new information that shows that it is a distinct species.
It differs from S. purpurea primarily by its coriaceous leaves that are weakly
revolute near the margins, with the margins subentire to weakly serrate or
crenate-serrate in the upper half, sometimes nearly to the base, and the lower
surface glabrous. This distinctive morphology coupled with sympatric occurrence
of S. kealiae and S. purpurea without evidence of hybridization indicate
their distinction as separate species and that extrinsic or intrinsic barriers seem
to prevent hybridization between them.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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