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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200618:2 Contributors - The Contemporary Pacific-
200618:2 Table of Contents - The Contemporary Pacific-
2006Cannibalistic Imaginaries: Mining the Natural and Social Body in Papua New GuineaHalvaksz, Jamon
2006The Ecology and Economy of Indigenous Resistance: Divergent Perspectives on Mining in New CaledoniaAli, Saleem H.; Grewal, Andrew Singh
2006Environmental Conservation and Mining: Between Experience and Expectation in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New GuineaWest, Paige
2006Featured Art: Larry SantanaRosi, Pamela
2006Fiji in Review: Issues and Events, 2005Durutalo, Alumita L.
2006Grass Roots and Deep Holes: Community Responses to Mining in MelanesiaFiler, Colin; Macintyre, Martha
2006Hinterland History: The Ok Tedi Mine and Its Cultural Consequences in TelefolminJorgensen, Dan
2006Local Laborers in Papua New Guinea Mining: Attracted or Compelled to Work?Imbun, Benedict Y.
2006Melanesia in Review: Issues and Events, 2005Chappell, David; Durutalo, Alumita L.; Gelu, Alphonse; Jowitt, Anita; Kabutaulaka, Tarcisius Tara
2006New Caledonia in Review: Issues and Events, 2005Chappell, David A.
2006Papua New Guinea in Review: Issues and Events, 2005Gelu, Alphonse
2006Review of Adorning the World: Art of the Marquesas Islands (exhibit)Geismar, Haidy
2006Review of American Memorial Park Visitor Center and WWII Exhibit Hall, National Park ServiceDuchesne, Tammy
2006Review of Colonial Dis-Ease: US Navy Health Policies and the Chamorros of Guam, 1898–1941, by Anne Perez HattoriMonnig, Laurel A.
2006Review of Historiographie de la Nouvelle-Calédonie, by Frédéric AnglevielChappell, David A.
2006Review of Life in the Republic of the Marshall Islands / Mour ilo Republic eo an Majol, written by Marshall Islanders and edited by Anono Lieom Loeak, Veronica C Kiluwe, and Linda CrowlHeine, Hilda; Kroeker, Julianne Walsh
2006Review of Mining and Indigenous Lifeworlds in Australia and Papua New Guinea, edited by Alan Rumsey and James WeinerGolub, Alex
2006Review of Pacific Jewelry and Adornment, by Roger Neich and Fuli PereiraRubinstein, Donald H.