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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006From Plantation Camp to Global Village:100 Years of Filipino History in HawaiiAquino, Belinda A.
Oct-2000How Philippine Studies BeganAquino, Belinda A.
1988IndexAlcantara, Ruben
1999Knowing America's ColonyIleto, Reynaldo C.
Aug-1982OP-5: Cronies and Enemies - The Current Philippine SceneDoherty, John F.; Salonga, Jovito R.
peregriNasyon (Excerpts)Millado, Chris, B.
Jan-1975Philippine Studies Program Feasibility ReportAquino, Belinda A.; Kerkvliet, Benedict; Cahill, Amefil
1985The Philippine Urban PoorDoherty, John F., S.J.
1993The Philippines Sights and Sounds: A Guide to Audio-visual Resources on Philippine Studies in HawaiiAquino, Belinda A.; Garcia, Marissa C.
2001The Philippines: A Story of a NationMateo, Grace Estela C.
1990The Philippines: Historical OverviewShackford, Julie
14-Mar-2009Philosophical and practical issues in the conservation initiatives of 'peripheralized' Philippine languagesAgcaoili, Aurelio
1987The Politics of Counterinsurgency in the Philippines: Military and Political OptionsPorter, Gareth
1992Poverty in the Philippines : the impact of family sizeGreenspan, Allison
1979Southeast Asian Research Tools: The PhilippinesBaradi, Edita. R.
1989Strain in Filipino Industrial RelationsRamos, Elias T.
1997Survey sheds new light on marriage and sexuality in the PhilippinesXenos, Peter
1998Theses and Dissertations on the PhilippinesCenter for Philippine Studies
1981Two Perspectives on Philippine Literature and SocietyTeodoro, Luis V. Jr.; San Juan, Epifanio Jr.
1990U.P. Assesment Project on the State of Nation: The failed December Coup-