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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Kinsmen and voluntary associations in two Ilocano communitiesZialcita, Fernando N.
1999Knowing America's ColonyIleto, Reynaldo C.
8-Oct-2010The "Local" in Philippine National History: Some Puzzles, Problems and OptionsAbinales, Patricio
May-1994Loss, emergence, and retribalization: The politics of Lumad ethnicity in Northern Mindanao (Philippines)Acosta, J R Nereus O.
2004The Moro conflict : landlessness and misdirected state policiesGutierrez, Eric; Borras, Saturnino M.
2006Muslim resistance in Southern Thailand and Southern Philippines : religion, ideology, and politicsLiow, Joseph Chin Yong
11-Dec-15793Nanjing 1937/Manila 1945: Remembrance and ReconciliationKasahara, Tokushi; Nakano, Satoshi
Aug-1982OP-5: Cronies and Enemies - The Current Philippine SceneDoherty, John F.; Salonga, Jovito R.
1977People of the flood plain : the changing ecology of rice farming in Cotabato, PhilippinesStewart, J. C, 1949
peregriNasyon (Excerpts)Millado, Chris, B.
1985Personal networks and the material adaptation of recent immigrants : a study of Filipinos in HawaiiCaces, Maria Fe F.
Jan-1975Philippine Studies Program Feasibility ReportAquino, Belinda A.; Kerkvliet, Benedict; Cahill, Amefil
9-Mar-1990Philippine Territorial Claims: Problems and ProspectsColmenares, Serafin P Jr.
1985The Philippine Urban PoorDoherty, John F., S.J.
1993The Philippines Sights and Sounds: A Guide to Audio-visual Resources on Philippine Studies in HawaiiAquino, Belinda A.; Garcia, Marissa C.
2001The Philippines: A Story of a NationMateo, Grace Estela C.
1990The Philippines: Historical OverviewShackford, Julie
14-Mar-2009Philosophical and practical issues in the conservation initiatives of 'peripheralized' Philippine languagesAgcaoili, Aurelio
1987The Politics of Counterinsurgency in the Philippines: Military and Political OptionsPorter, Gareth
1992Poverty in the Philippines : the impact of family sizeGreenspan, Allison