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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977Determinants of political intention : a cross-cultural study of students' attitudes toward other nationsUmpa, Camar A.
2007Education creates unrest' : state schooling and Muslim society in Thailand and the PhilippinesMedrano, Anthony David
Jun-1976The Emergence of Modern Drama in the PhilippinesHernandez, Tomas C.
3-Oct-2008Ethnicity, Labor and Politics: The Filipino Experience in HawaiiAquino, Belinda A.
2000Exporting People: The Philippines and Contract Labor in PalauAlegado, Dean; Finin, Gerard
2006The Filipino Century Beyond Hawaii-
2007The Filipino Century Beyond Hawaii: A reportAquino, Belinda; Magdalena, Federico
2006The Filipino Century in Hawaii: Out of the CrucibleAquino, Belinda
2005Forging sustainable peace in Mindanao : the role of civil societyRood, Steven
2006From Plantation Camp to Global Village:100 Years of Filipino History in HawaiiAquino, Belinda A.
Oct-2000How Philippine Studies BeganAquino, Belinda A.
2007Human trafficking in Mindanao, PhilippinesClariza, Maria Elena
1988IndexAlcantara, Ruben
1984Kinsmen and voluntary associations in two Ilocano communitiesZialcita, Fernando N.
1999Knowing America's ColonyIleto, Reynaldo C.
8-Oct-2010The "Local" in Philippine National History: Some Puzzles, Problems and OptionsAbinales, Patricio
May-1994Loss, emergence, and retribalization: The politics of Lumad ethnicity in Northern Mindanao (Philippines)Acosta, J R Nereus O.
2004The Moro conflict : landlessness and misdirected state policiesGutierrez, Eric; Borras, Saturnino M.
2006Muslim resistance in Southern Thailand and Southern Philippines : religion, ideology, and politicsLiow, Joseph Chin Yong
11-Dec-15793Nanjing 1937/Manila 1945: Remembrance and ReconciliationKasahara, Tokushi; Nakano, Satoshi