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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Sep-2010The 2010 Philippine Elections: Toward Democratic Consolidation or Continuing Instability?Kawanaka, Takeshi
1992The Age of Discovery: Impact on Philippine Society and CultureAquino, Belinda A.; Alegado, Dean T.
1991"And Woman will prevail over Man:" Symbolic Sexual Inversion and Counter- Hegemonic Discourse in Mt. Banahaw: The Case of the Ciudad Mistica De DiosQuibuyen, Floro, C.
1982Batak interhousehold food sharing : a systemic analysis of food management of marginal agriculturalists in the PhilippinesCadeliña, Rowe V.
4-Jan-40791Boxing Day in Cotabato: Notes from the FieldBarter, Shane Joshua
2000Celebrating 25 Years of Philippine Studies in HawaiiDuhaylonsod, Jenny; Alegado, Dean
1996Center for Philippine Studies-
1988Chapter Eight: Filipino Life in HonoluluAlcantara, Ruben
1988Chapter Eleven: Hawaii during the War YearsAlcantara, Ruben
1988Chapter Five: The 1924 StrikeAlcantara, Ruben
1988Chapter Four: The 1920 StrikeAlcantara, Ruben
1988Chapter Nine: Plantation Life and WorkAlcantara, Ruben
1988Chapter One: The Bitter and the SweetAlcantara, Ruben
1988Chapter Six: Control after 1924 StrikeAlcantara, Ruben
1988Chapter Ten: Exclusion, Depression 1930s to the Vibora StrikeAlcantara, Ruben
1988Chapter Three: Filipino Life in Hawaii to 1918Alcantara, Ruben
1988Chapter Two: Sakada, 1909 - 1918Alcantara, Ruben
24-Feb-2010Clenched Fists and Yellow Ribbons: Philippine Poetry in Ilokano, Tagalog and EnglishSantiago, Lilia Q.
1-May-13539Converging Texts: Process, Challenges and Results of Subtitling Raymund Red's "Sakay"Arboleda, Pia A.
1977Determinants of political intention : a cross-cultural study of students' attitudes toward other nationsUmpa, Camar A.