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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982The Anthropologist and Social Problems in MicronesiaHezel, Francis X.
1982The Creation of a Colony: The Paradox of Economic Aid to MicronesiaHezel, Francis X.
1982The Education Explosion in TrukHezel, Francis X.
1982Education in Micronesia: Today and TomorrowHezel, Francis X.
1982In Search of a Home: Colonial Education in MicronesiaHezel, Francis X.
1982Looking Ahead to the End of the Trusteeship, Trust Territory of the Pacific IslandsHezel, Francis X.
1982Micronesia's Education for Self-Government: Frolicking in the Backyard?Hezel, Francis X.
1982Micronesia's Hanging SpreeHezel, Francis X.
1982Micronesia's School IndustryHezel, Francis X.
1982The Micronesian Dilemma: How to Support Expensive Habits and Still Run the HouseholdHezel, Francis X.
1982The New Formula for Self-RelianceHezel, Francis X.
1982Recent Theories of the Relationship Between Education and DevelopmentHezel, Francis X.
1982Reflections on Micronesia's EconomyHezel, Francis X.
1982Reflections on Micronesia: Collected PapersHezel, Francis X.
1982A Sad Tale of Long Ago: How Magic Signs were Brought to a Far-off IslandHezel, Francis X.
1982Self-support by Micronesians of Programs and Institutions of the Catholic Church in Micronesia: The Ideal and the Present RealityHezel, Francis X.
1982Taking the Long ViewHezel, Francis X.
1982Who Shall Own the Schools?Hezel, Francis X.
1982Yesterday's Myths, Today's RealitiesHezel, Francis X.