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Title: Revision of the Genera of Gall Crabs (Crustacea: Cryptochiridae) Occurring in the Pacific Ocean 
Author: Kropp, Roy K.
Date: 1990-10
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Kropp RK. 1990. Revision of the genera of gall crabs (Crustacea: Cryptochiridae) occurring in the Pacific Ocean. Pac Sci 44(4): 417-448.
Abstract: The coral gall crabs, Family Cryptochiridae, occurring in the
Pacific Ocean are reviewed. Fifteen genera, including four new genera, are
recognized: Cryptochirus Heller; Dacryomaia, new genus; Fizesereneia Takeda
& Tamura; Fungicola Serene; Hapalocarcinus Stimpson; Hiroia Takeda &
Tamura; Lithoscaptus Milne Edwards; Neotroglocarcinus Takeda & Tamura;
Opecarcinus Kropp & Manning; Pelycomaia, new genus; Pseudocryptochirus
Hiro; Pseudohapalocarcinus Fize & Serene; Sphenomaia, new genus; Utinomiella
Kropp & Takeda; and Xynomaia, new genus. Host, depth, and distribution
records are given for each genus. A key to the females of all gall crab genera is
ISSN: 0030-8870

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