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Feb-2010An Examination of Familial Social Support Use by CHamoru Women on Guahan Diagnosed with Breast CancerNatividad, L.L.
Feb-2010Ike Hawai‘i – A Training Program for Working with Native HawaiiansDuponte, K.; Martin, T.; Mokuau, N.; Paglinawan, L.
Feb-2010Bridging Research to Practice: Native American Stories of Becoming Smoke-freeHaring, R.C.
Feb-2010Indigenous Worldviews, Knowledge, and Research: The Development of an Indigenous Research ParadigmHart, M.A.
Feb-2010A Mixed Methods Study of Disaster Case Managers on Issues Related to Diversity in Practice with Hurricane Katrina VictimsTeasley, M.L.; Moore, J.A.
Feb-2010The Healthy Living in Two Worlds Project: An Inclusive Model of Curriculum DevelopmentWeaver, H.
Feb-2010Gathering, Telling, Preparing the Stories: A Vehicle for HealingStarks, S.; Vakalahi, H.F.O.; Comer, M.J.; Ortiz-Hendricks, C.
Dec-2010Developing Tautai Lavea‘i, a Breast Cancer Patient Nativation Program in American SamoaKa‘opua, L.S.I.; Tofaeono, J.F.; Park, S.H.; Scanlan, L.M.Y.; Ward, M.E.; Tofaeono, V.W.; Foifua, S.J.
Dec-2010Indigenizing Evaluation Research: A Long-Awaited Paradigm ShiftMorelli, P.T.; Mataira, P.J.
Dec-2010Native Hawaiian Male Caregivers: Patterns of Service Use and Their Effects on Public PoliciesLum, W.; Sato, S.; Arnsberger, P.
Dec-2010‘This Tobacco Has Always Been Here for Us,’ American Indian Views of Smoking: Risk and Protective FactorsMomper, S.L.; Dennis, M.K.; Reed, B.G.
Dec-2010Global Transitions: Implications for a Regional Social Work AgendaDurie, M.
1-Feb-2012Critical Indigenous Pedagogy of Place: A Framework to Indigenize a Youth Food Justice MovementTrinidad, A.M.O.
1-Feb-2012The Plight of Ainu, Indigenous People of JapanOkada, M.V.
1-Feb-2012Relationship Building for a Healthy Future: Indigenous Youth Pathways for Resiliency and RecoveryHaring, R.C.; Freeman, B.; Guiffrida, A.L.; Dennis, M.L.
1-Feb-2012Table of Contents-
Sep-2013Table of Contents-
Sep-2013Including Decolonization in Social Work Education and PracticeTamburro, A.
Sep-2013Cultural Sensitivity in Delivery of Social ServicesLaenui, P.
Sep-2013American Indians and Bullying in SchoolsCampbell, E.M.; Smalling, S.E.