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Title: Use of Living and Dying Mulches as Barriers to Protect Zucchini from Insect-caused Viruses and Phytotoxemias 
Author: Hooks, Cerruti R2; Wright, Mark G.
Date: 2008-01
Publisher: University of Hawaii
Citation: Hooks CR, Wright MG. 2008. Use of living and dying mulches as barriers to protect zucchini from insect-caused viruses and phytotoxemias. Honolulu (HI): University of Hawaii. 8 p. (Plant Disease; PD-36).
Abstract: Cucurbit crops are affected by several insect-vectored virus disorders and phytotoxemias resulting from insect feeding. Results of a field experiment with zucchini in monoculture or interplanted with either a white clover living mulch or a buckwheat dying mulch are reported. The living mulch appeared more suitable in reducing aphid numbers and associated problems in the crop.
Series/Report No.: Plant Disease
Pages/Duration: 8 pages
Keywords: zucchini, cover crops, live mulches, plant viruses, insect vectors, biological control, Hawaii

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