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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-20141. Death by other means: Neo-vernacularization of South Asian languagesAnnamalai, E.
Jan-20142. Majority language deathKhokhlova, Liudmila V.
Jan-20143. Ahom and Tangsa: Case studies of language maintenance and loss in North East IndiaMorey, Stephen
Jan-20144. Script as a potential demarcator and stabilizer of languages in South AsiaBrandt, Carmen
18-Oct-20145.The lifecycle of Sri Lanka MalayAnsaldo, Umberto; Lim, Lisa
Oct-2012AcknowledgmentsNordhoff, Sebastian
May-2010AcknowledgmentsBerez, Andrea L.; Mulder, Jean; Rosenblum, Daisy
Oct-2012Advances in the accountability of grammatical analysis and description by using regular expressionsMosel, Ulrike
Oct-2012AppendixNordhoff, Sebastian
Dec-2014The Art and Practice of Grammar Writing (Whole volume)-
Sep-2015Assessing the Linguistic Vitality of Miqie: An Endangered Ngwi (Loloish) Language of Yunnan, ChinaGao, Katie B
Feb-2016Authenticity and linguistic variety among new speakers of BasqueJacqueline Urla; Estibaliz Amorrortu; Ane Ortega; Jone Goirigolzarri; Belen Uranga
23-Sep-2011‘Auto-documentación Lingüística’: La experiencia de una comunidad Jodï en la Guayana VenezolanaQuatra, Miguel Marcello
2007Back coverLanguage Documentation & Conservation
Dec-2010Basic oral language documentationReiman, D. Will
Feb-2016BaTelÒc: A text base for the Occitan languageMyriam Bras; Marianne Vergez-Couret
Oct-2014Between duty statement and reality – The “Linguist/Coordinator” at an Australian Indigenous language centreOlawsky, Knut J.
Jun-2014Beyond the Ancestral Code: Towards a Model for Sociolinguistic Language DocumentationChilds, Tucker; Good, Jeff; Alice, Mitchell
Aug-2012Bilingual multimodality in language documentation dataGullberg, Marianne