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2007Chapter 3. Training for Language Documentation: Experiences at the School of Oriental and African StudiesAustin, Peter K.
2007Chapter 12. Annotating Texts for Language Documentation with Discourse Profiler’s Metatagging SystemQuick, Phil
2007Chapter 11. On Designing the Formosan Multimedia Word Dictionaries by a Participatory ProcessYang, Meng-Chien; Chou, Hsin-Ta; Guo, Huey-Shiuan; Chen, Gia-Pyng
2007Documenting and Revitalizing Austronesian LanguagesRau, D. Victoria (Editor); Florey, Margaret (Editor)
2007Chapter 9. Teaching and Learning an Endangered Austronesian Language in TaiwanRau, D. Victoria; Chang, Hui-Huan; Tai, Yin-Sheng; Yang, Zhen-Yi; Lin, Yi-Hui; Yang, Chia-Chi; Dong, Maa-Neu
2007Chapter 10. WeSay, a Tool for Engaging Communities in Dictionary BuildingAlbright, Eric; Hatton, John
2007Chapter 4. SIL International and Endangered Austronesian LanguagesQuakenbush, J. Stephen
2007Chapter 5. Local Autonomy, Local Capacity Building and Support for Minority Languages: Field Experiences from IndonesiaArka, I Wayan
2007Chapter 7. E-learning in Endangered Language Documentation and RevitalizationRau, D. Victoria; Yang, Meng-Chien
2007Chapter 6. Documenting and Revitalizing KavalanHsieh, Fuhui; Huang, Shuanfan
2007Chapter 2. The Language Documentation and Conservation Initiative at the University of Hawai‘i at MānoaRehg, Kenneth L.
2007Chapter 1. Introduction: Documenting and Revitalizing Austronesian LanguagesFlorey, Margaret
2007ContributorsLanguage Documentation & Conservation
2007Table of contentsLanguage Documentation & Conservation
2007Front coverLanguage Documentation & Conservation
2007Back coverLanguage Documentation & Conservation
2007Chapter 8. Indigenous Language–informed Participatory Policy in Taiwan: A Socio-political PerspectiveLin, Yih-Ren; Icyeh, Lahwy; Kuan (Daya), Da-Wei
2007Front matterLanguage Documentation & Conservation
27-Jun-2007Copyright Essentials for LinguistsNewman, Paul
27-Jun-2007Endangered Sound Patterns: Three Perspectives on Theory and DescriptionBlevins, Juliette