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2004Weaving Our Stories Worldwide: An Indigenous Approach to Global Economics and EcologyTaiepa, Todd
2004How 'Awa Travels the WorldWeaver, Kia
2004Survey of Medicinal Plants in the Main US HerbariaFlaster, Trish
2004The Neglected Key to Successful Biodiversity Conservation and Appropriate Development: Local Traditional KnowledgeQuansah, Nat
2004Ethnobotanical and Floristic Research in Belize: Accomplishments, Challenges and Lessons LearnedBalick, Michael J.; O’Brien, Hugh
2004A Review of Recent Molecular Genetics Evidence for Sugarcane Evolution and DomesticationGrivet, Laurent; Daniels, C.; Glaszmann, J.C.; D'Hont, A.
2004Floating, Boating and Introgression: Molecular Techniques and the Ancestry of Coconut Palm Populations on Pacific IslandsHarries, Hugh; Baudouin, Luc; Cardeña, Rolando
2004Genetic Diversity in Taro, and the Preservation of Culinary KnowledgeMatthews, Peter J.
2004Is the Quality of Kava (Piper methysticum Forst. f.) Responsible for Different Geographical Patterns?Lebot, Vincent; Siméoni, Patricia
2004Bananas in New Caledonian Kanak Society: Their Socio-Cultural Value in Relation with their OriginsKagy, Valerie; Carreel, Francoise
2004Editorial: Give and TakeBridges, K.W.
2004Past International Year of the Indigenous People? Into a new millenniumRao, Ramana
2004Ethnobotanical Research in Homegardens of Small Farmers in the Alpine Region of Osttirol (Austria): An example for Bridges Built and Building BridgesVogl-Lukasser, Brigitte; Vogl, Christian R.
2004Crops and Cultures in the Pacific: New Data and New Techniques for the Investigation of Old QuestionsPickersgill, Barbara