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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005The Use of Hemiepiphytes as Craft Fibres by Indigenous Communities in the Colombian AmazonVargas, María Paula Balcázar; van Andel, Tinde
2005Conservation of the Biological and Cultural Diversity of the Colombian Amazon Piedmont: Dr. Schultes’ LegacyRamírez, Germán Zuluaga
2005Notes on Aquarium Plant Production in Peruvian AmazoniaLehtonen, Samuli; Arévalo, Luis Angel Rodríguez
2005Ethnobotanical Reseach at Analalava, Madagascar: A Photo EssayMcClatchey, Will C.; Gollin, Lisa X.; Rakotonandrasana, Stéphan Richard
2005Observing Subtleties: Traditional Knowledge and Optimal Water Management of Lake St. MartinTraverse, Myrle; Baydack, Richard
2005Working Together to Take Care of the Land: Building Bridges with Traditional Knowledge in the Gwich’in Settlement AreaSmith, Wynet
2005Integrated Health Care System: Meeting Global Health Care Needs in the 21st CenturyQuansah, Nat
2005Introducing the Vector: How Coconut Lethal Yellowing Disease May Have Reached the CaribbeanOgle, Laura; Harries, Hugh
2005Conservación de la Diversidad Biológica y Cultural en el Piedemonte Amazónico Colombiano: La Herencia del Dr. SchultesRamírez, Germán Zuluaga
2005Knowledge and Consumption of Wild Plants: A Comparative Study in Two Tsimane’ Villages in the Bolivian AmazonReyes-García, Victoria; Vadez, Vincent; Huanca, Tomás; Leonard, William; Wilkie, David
2005Abundance, Distribution, Utilisation and Conservation of Sinarundinaria alpina in Bwindi and Mgahinga Forest National Parks, South West UgandaBitariho, Robert; Mosango, Mbokuyo
2005Medicinal Bioprospecting and Ethnobotany ResearchMcClatchey, Will
2005The Revival of Traditional Practices as a Response to Outsiders’ Demands: The Resurgence of Natural Dye Use in San Juan La Laguna, GuatemalaModesto, Heloísa Speranza
2005The Enigmatic Evanescence of Coca from EcuadorHirschkind, Lynn
2005A Stem-based Ethnobotanical Quantification of Potential Rain Forest Use by Mirañas in NW AmazoniaSánchez, M.; Duivenvoorden, J.F.; Duque, A.; Miraña, P.; Cavelier, J.
2005Ecological and Anthropological Threats to Ethno-Medicinal Plant Resources and their Utilization in Maasai Communal Ranches in the Amboseli Region of KenyaKiringe, John Warui
2005Charring Medicinal Plants: A Traditional Method of Preparing Phytomedicines in Southwestern NigeriaEgunyomi, A.; Fasola, T.R.; Oladunjoye, O.
2005Nigerian Usage of Bark in PhytomedicineFasola, Taiye R.; Egunyomi, A.
2005Ethnobotany Education, Opportunities, and Needs in the U.S.Bennett, Bradley C.
2005Weaves the BasketStevens, Michelle L.