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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A Stem-based Ethnobotanical Quantification of Potential Rain Forest Use by Mirañas in NW AmazoniaSánchez, M.; Duivenvoorden, J.F.; Duque, A.; Miraña, P.; Cavelier, J.
2005Traditional Healing in the Contemporary Life of the Antanosy People of MadagascarLyon, Linda M.; Hardesty, Linda H.
2005The Use of Hemiepiphytes as Craft Fibres by Indigenous Communities in the Colombian AmazonVargas, María Paula Balcázar; van Andel, Tinde
2005Valim-Pikarohana Momba Ny Fampiasana Tany Sy Sokajin’ala Amin’ny Fokontany Morarano MahavelonaLehavana, Adolphe; Toto, Eric; Razaka, Rémi Amosa; Toto, Gaston; John, Henri; Tabita, Marie Odette; Soazafy, Céléstine; Dimasy, Justin; Razaka, Emmanuel; Rasoa; Jaqueline
2005Weaves the BasketStevens, Michelle L.
2005Working Together to Take Care of the Land: Building Bridges with Traditional Knowledge in the Gwich’in Settlement AreaSmith, Wynet
2005Zavamaniry Famantaran-Javatra Ao Amin’Ny FKT Morarano-MahavelonaRakotonandrasana, Stéphan Richard