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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Observing Subtleties: Traditional Knowledge and Optimal Water Management of Lake St. MartinTraverse, Myrle; Baydack, Richard
2005Ownership and Sustainability Issues of Botanical MedicinesShingu, Gamaniel K.
2005Potential Importance of Sociological Tourism for Madagascar’s Protected Areas and Those Who Live Around ThemBirkinshaw, Chris
2005Publication of Ethnobotanical Research in Local LanguagesMcClatchey, Will; Winter, Kawika
2005The Revival of Traditional Practices as a Response to Outsiders’ Demands: The Resurgence of Natural Dye Use in San Juan La Laguna, GuatemalaModesto, Heloísa Speranza
2005A Stem-based Ethnobotanical Quantification of Potential Rain Forest Use by Mirañas in NW AmazoniaSánchez, M.; Duivenvoorden, J.F.; Duque, A.; Miraña, P.; Cavelier, J.
2005Traditional Healing in the Contemporary Life of the Antanosy People of MadagascarLyon, Linda M.; Hardesty, Linda H.
2005The Use of Hemiepiphytes as Craft Fibres by Indigenous Communities in the Colombian AmazonVargas, María Paula Balcázar; van Andel, Tinde
2005Valim-Pikarohana Momba Ny Fampiasana Tany Sy Sokajin’ala Amin’ny Fokontany Morarano MahavelonaLehavana, Adolphe; Toto, Eric; Razaka, Rémi Amosa; Toto, Gaston; John, Henri; Tabita, Marie Odette; Soazafy, Céléstine; Dimasy, Justin; Razaka, Emmanuel; Rasoa; Jaqueline
2005Weaves the BasketStevens, Michelle L.
2005Working Together to Take Care of the Land: Building Bridges with Traditional Knowledge in the Gwich’in Settlement AreaSmith, Wynet
2005Zavamaniry Famantaran-Javatra Ao Amin’Ny FKT Morarano-MahavelonaRakotonandrasana, Stéphan Richard