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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Ecological and Anthropological Threats to Ethno-Medicinal Plant Resources and their Utilization in Maasai Communal Ranches in the Amboseli Region of KenyaKiringe, John Warui
2005The Enigmatic Evanescence of Coca from EcuadorHirschkind, Lynn
2005Ethnobotanical Reseach at Analalava, Madagascar: A Photo EssayMcClatchey, Will C.; Gollin, Lisa X.; Rakotonandrasana, Stéphan Richard
2005Ethnobotanical Research in Homegardens of Small Farmers in the Alpine Region of Osttirol (Austria): Photo EssayVogl-Lukasser, Brigitte; Vogl, Christian R.
2005Ethnobotany Education, Opportunities, and Needs in the U.S.Bennett, Bradley C.
2005An Ethnobotany Research Training Workshop in MadagascarMcClatchey, Will; Gollin, Lisa X.
2005Exorcizing Misleading Terms from EthnobotanyMcClatchey, Will C.
2005Fahasalaman’Ny Zaza Sy Ny Fampiasana Zavamaniry Mahasitrana Ao Amin’Ny Tananan’Ny Sahamamy, Mahevelona, ToamasinaRazafindrabeaza, Thierry; Rabeson, Pascal; Coco; Sabotsilahy, Bruno; Torine, Zaza; Jean Claude; Bany; Jaqueline; Angeline; Clément; Jeannette; Donah; Justin
2005Ny Fampiasan’ny Mponina Ny Zavamaniry Azo Atao SakafoVelosoa, Juliette
2005Finding the Connections between Paleoecology, Ethnobotany, and Conservation in MadagascarBurney, David A.
2005Ny Fomba Fampiasan’nyankizy Ny ZavamaniryRanjevasoa, Bako Nirina
2005Integrated Health Care System: Meeting Global Health Care Needs in the 21st CenturyQuansah, Nat
2005Introducing the Vector: How Coconut Lethal Yellowing Disease May Have Reached the CaribbeanOgle, Laura; Harries, Hugh
2005Invention and Re-invention of KnowledgeMcClatchey, Will C.
2005Ireo Karazana Zavamaniry Tena Fampiasa Amin’Ny Toerana IrayRatovoson, Fidy; Jaona, Henry; Rabemananjara, Justin; Marovavy, Juliette; Antonia, Clara; Jeanne, Marie; Raholiarivelo, Clara Aimé; Razaniry, Emilien; Robena, Ignace; Liva; Rogin; Razanajatovo, Delphin; Fanomezantsoa, Esisy; Rabezanahary, Justin; Velomary; Nirina
2005Knowledge and Consumption of Wild Plants: A Comparative Study in Two Tsimane’ Villages in the Bolivian AmazonReyes-García, Victoria; Vadez, Vincent; Huanca, Tomás; Leonard, William; Wilkie, David
2005Knowledge Transmission among Preservation Practitioners in DubaiAbdalla, Adil M.
2005The Madagascar International Cooperative Biodiversity Group (ICBG): Using Natural Products Research to Build Science CapacityMiller, James S.; Birkinshaw, Christopher; Callmander, Martin
2005Medicinal Bioprospecting and Ethnobotany ResearchMcClatchey, Will
2005A Multivariate Model of Biocultural Conservation of Medicinal, Aromatic and Cosmetic (MAC) Plants in IndonesiaSlikkerveer, L. Jan