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Title: Cytogenetics of Hibiscadelphus (Malvaceae): A Meiotic Analysis of Hybrids in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park 
Author: Carr, Gerald D.; Baker, James K.
Date: 1977-04
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Carr GD, Baker JK. 1977. Cytogenetics of Hibiscadelphus (Malvaceae): A meiotic analysis of hybrids in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Pac Sci 31(2): 191-194.
Abstract: The chromosome number of 2n = 20 11 reported here is the first
determination for Hibiscadelphus giffardianus Rock and H. distans Bishop &
Herbst. An earlier report of the same number for H. hualalaiensis Rock is
Cytogenetic analysis of H. x puakuahiwi Baker & Allen, a hybrid cross
between H. giffardianus and H. hualalaiensis suggests that chromosome pairing
and microsporogenesis are not affected in the first generation. However,
although chromosome pairing is normal at diakinesis in the seven F2S analysed,
subsequent stages of meiosis and microsporogenesis are severely disturbed and
result in the formation of a high percentage of abnormal meiospores in some
of the plants. Nevertheless, the apparent lack of hybrid breakdown in two of
the F2 plants and the presence of probable F3S in one area suggest that gene
flow between the two taxa is possible, and, therefore, must be taken into
consideration if these two endangered species are to be maintained as distinct
ISSN: 0030-8870

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