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Title: Effects of Heated Effluent on Hermatypic Corals at Kahe Point, Oahu 
Author: Jokiel, Paul L.; Coles, Stephen L.
Date: 1974-01
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Jokiel PL, Coles SL. 1974. Effects of heated effluent on hermatypic corals at Kahe Point, Oahu. Pac Sci 28(1): 1-18.
Abstract: The effect of thermal enrichment on hermatypic corals was
investigated at Kahe Point, Oahu, Hawaii. The reef off the Kahe Power Plant
was surveyed before and after an increase in thermal discharge that accompanied
plant expansion. Abundances of dead and damaged corals correlated
strongly with proximity to plant discharge and with levels of thermal enrichment.
Nearly all corals in water 4° to 5° C above ambient were dead. In areas
characterized by temperature increases from 2° to 4° C, the corals lost zooxanthellar
pigment and suffered high mortality rates. Damage to the corals was
most severe in late summer, and coincided with annual ambient temperature
maxima. During the winter months the surviving corals slowly regained
zooxanthellar pigment, but there was high mortality of corals during the
recovery period. When generating capacity of the plant was increased from
270 to 360 megawatts, the area of dead and damaged corals increased from
0.38 hectare (0.94 acre) to 0.71 hectare (1.76 acre).
ISSN: 0030-8870

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