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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Leadership, power and collaboration : understanding women educational leaders' experiences through a feminist lensNakama, Debra Aguinaldo
May-2014The learning of technology : applying multimodal analysis and delta theory to study the online discussion forum of an e-reader tabletThe, Hery Yanto
Dec-2010Ma ka wahi wali (a ke kino lahilahi. Ma ke kino lahilahi) a ka wahi wali.Solis, Ron D.
2008Managerial professionals in higher education : Change in number, roles, and responsibilitiesChock, Mona K.O.
2008Modeling of kinetic risk factors for exercise related lower leg pain in collegiate female track and field athletesStickley, Christopher D.
Dec-2003A multilevel analysis of student persistence in high schoolMahoe, Rochelle A.
Dec-2014Nakem pedagogy (soul consciousness) and constitutive elements of nakem praxisAcido, Jeffrey Tangonan
Dec-2011New teacher induction : a case study of teachers' perceptions of support in the first yearMartin, Kathryn Lynn
May-2014Organizational change and international student enrollment : a multiple case study of three U.S. higher education institutionsWashburn, Curtis Anthony
Dec-2014Organizational culture in a non-profit animal assisted therapy organizationOno, Kristen Sayuri Yamamoto
May-2012Paka(sarita)an : on Ilokano language, identity, and heritage educationSoria, Julius Bajet
2008Parental expectations in education : A qualitative study of the expectations of Nigerian voluntary immigrants to the United States for their children's school achievementAdeniji-Neill, Dolapo
May-2014Participants' journeys in project macimise (mathematics and Culture in micronesia : integrating societal experiences)Aiona, Andrea Maile
Aug-2012Pehea ka no'ono'o ? : transitional experiences of Hawaiian language immersion school graduates moving into higher educationFinneran-Swatek, Karen Louise
2008Pioneers on the home front : An exploratory study of early homeschoolers in HawaiiKelly, Anita E.
Aug-2012Place-based science education for five elementary schools in rural ThailandKlechaya, Rojjana
May-2011Preparing learning communities to thrive beyond blended classrooms : a longitudinal case studyNapier-Psomas, Wallace Neal
Dec-2010Pukaiki kula maniania no Niihau, na ka NiihauWong, Annette Kuuipolani
Dec-2014A qualitative inquiry exploring affective characteristics of developmental mathematics studentsPaulding, Michael
May-2012Quality of worklife and higher education support personnel : testing the generalizability of a proposed modelInoshita, Lynn Toshiko