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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978Tax incidence : a case study of ThailandPahirah, Manoon
1977Technological progress, diffusion of technology and the international differences in labor productivityPark, Ae Sil Kim
1990Technology transfer & restrictive trade practices : a microeconomic study of the Indian electronic industryKashyap, Arun
1980The tenant's choice of subsidized housing in HawaiiTay, Boon Nga
1993Testing the joint hypothesis of rationality and neutrality under seasonal cointegration : the case of KoreaChang, Dongkoo
Aug-2014Three essays exploring the impact of natural disasters on education and poverty in El Salvador and IndonesiaRush, John Volney
2008Three essays in econometricsChe, Hu
Aug-2014Three essays on dependent panels : empirical evidenceZhao, Qianxue
Aug-2012Three essays on financial crises, foreign direct investment and cross-national coordinationBogach, Olga Vladislavovna
May-2011Three essays on international remittances : evidence from the PhilippinesPajaron, Marjorie Cinco
2008Three essays on investment, saving, and the current accountWang, Xiaoming
2008Three essays on the determinants of foreign direct investment - market size and wage, localization, official development assistance : Evidence from KoreaYoun, Jung-In
Aug-2003Three essays on the economics of Hawaii's longline fishery: Modeling fishers' behaviorPradhan, Naresh Chand
2004Three essays on the transformation of global IT productionVan Assche, Ari
2004Three essays on wealth effectCai, Junning
1991Unions and wage determination : three essaysKim, Youngkwa
1990Urban growth and the labor market in KoreaJoh, Hak-Kuk
1996Wage differentials between foreign multinational enterprises and domestic firms in KoreaEun, Sungsoo
2004Water resources, efficiency pricing, and revenue recyclingPitafi, Basharat A.K.